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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>First Day Of Nap On Mat!
DCMomOf3 10:58 AM 12-17-2010
My youngest 2 went on mats today for nap! They are still great in the pnp's but when I was getting the mats ready for the others they ran to the mats, laid down and didn't want to get back up. AND they were the first to fall asleep! I know it's friday, and it may change next week, but yippee!
Blackcat31 11:10 AM 12-17-2010
YAH! Good to hear! Nice to hear a provide brag over good kids instead of venting about bad ones!!
SunflowerMama 11:20 AM 12-17-2010
That's awesome!! Just to be curious how old are they? I have 2 that are still in their pnps but I think one could probably come out to a mat.
DCMomOf3 11:27 AM 12-17-2010
They are 20 months old. Not too young, but like I said, they just do so well in the pnps that I wasn't in a hurry to move them.
kidkair 12:04 PM 12-17-2010
That's so cool. They really are telling you they are ready for mats. I move kids to mats at 1 year provided they are only taking one nap a day.
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