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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Don't Think I'll be Returning
grandmom 02:24 PM 12-17-2010
Ugh. State funded girls with babies going to school. No notice. Flunked a class, like that was a surprise to her! Did she not know she was failing? Did she not know? Now school is closed, caseworker is not available. I'm left waiting till Jan 3rd to see if she's even coming back.

And in the back of my mind I'm singing "His grace is sufficient for me..."
momofsix 08:53 PM 12-18-2010
Oh, sorry you're left hanging and not knowing what's up over the holidays. try to just enjoy them and not dwell on it. You're right, His grace is sufficient...
dEHmom 06:22 AM 12-19-2010
I'm not sure how to deal with this or not but couldn't you call leave her a message stating if she doesnt contact you within so many days/hours/whatever, you're assuming she no longer is in need of her spot, and you will fill it?
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