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marniewon 05:18 AM 12-20-2010
For the 3rd time (not in a row, but it's been the last 2 Mondays) in the last 2 months I have had this one family call in sick. Mondays are my payday. The first time I let it slide, just took the check when they came the next day. The next time mom offered to drop the check off. This time I texted her asking who was dropping the check off today.

I'm so glad that I'm switching to the Friday before for payday. And this is the very reason that I switched it - 3 times in 2 months is a bit much.

Just like the last time, I was really counting on the money that day to make a deposit to pay bills, and today I was actually in a position to get to the bank before they closed, so I could have all the money available as soon as I deposited it, instead of using the ATM and only having a portion of it available until tomorrow. Last time she dropped the check off after work, she dropped it off at 6pm! She gets out of work at 4:30. Hoping she's a little more prompt today.
dEHmom 05:23 AM 12-20-2010
Advise her that there are no more courtesy lates. She will be charged a late fee.

Paydays are now Fridays, and you don't accept payments on saturday and sunday, if payment is not made on the friday, she will receive a late charge for both saturday and sunday, and if its not paid on monday AM then there will be a late charge for monday as well.

you are running a business, and you have bills to pay!

In my contract I state that payment is due the Monday AM. If they are not coming that day payment is still due regardless. Unless it is a holiday. For fulltimers if they call in sick on the monday and are coming on the tuesday with payment, there is a late payment charge. It states that in my contract, i probably wouldn't ever follow through with that unless it was necessary. One of my moms pays me when she picks up her daughter, because daddy usually drops her off in the mornings and he doesn't deal with finances. But that was an arrangement we made ahead of time.
marniewon 06:18 AM 12-20-2010
I modified my contract and handbook for 2011 and have changed payday from Monday of that week to the Friday before. I also put in there that money was due Friday morning and if not paid then late fees would be charged.
dEHmom 10:33 AM 12-20-2010
good job.

do you require payment prior to care? or is it for the next week of?
marniewon 10:42 AM 12-20-2010
I do require payment in advance of service. Right now it's due on Monday for that week. But because I keep getting no-shows on Mondays, I decided to switch it to the Friday before care.

My first payment on the new system will be due Dec 30 (would be Friday, but I'm off that day) for the week of January 3.
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