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sahm2three 10:32 AM 01-25-2011
I have had so many books ruined. I am thinking I am going to put them up where they aren't directly accessible to the kids. I hate to do that, because I love to look around and see the littles sitting looking at books, but a few of them have become very destructive. I have three I am trying to repair right now, and have thrown at least that many away in the last couple weeks. Do you keep your books where the kids can look at them whenever they want. Two of the three that I am trying to repair are the hard cardboard types! I want to teach the kids respect for books, but honestly wonder if I am not running a daycare that is filled to the brim with boys with ADHD!!! UGH! It has been a frustrating week already!
lil angels 10:37 AM 01-25-2011
Yes I have 10 kids and I have a bunch of board books only that I leave out and all the others get put up. I normally get them at rummage sales and things like that so I do not pay much because it does seem like they take a beating.
MyAngels 10:40 AM 01-25-2011
I have a limited amount available at a time and they are to be kept in the reading area only. The kids also have to ask before getting them out, which is when I remind them about the proper way to handle our books. It bothers me, too, when kids don't show the proper respect for books.
nikia 10:41 AM 01-25-2011
I put all my books up last week after the same kid would rip the pages as I was sitting right next to him. I threw away 20 books because they were beyond repair as it is not one page but 4 that he would rip. I dont blame you for putting them up. I read the books to them and they are not allowed to touch them only exception is 4 yrs old and up if they have not damaged books here before and all the little ones have to be sleeping for them to have them.
DCMomOf3 10:41 AM 01-25-2011
I have this same struggle almost every day. I did find it's their favorite books that they keep ruining so I keep taping them up. They seem to not care that they are all tape now . If my rippers take a book I really care about I take away to put back on the shelf and hand them one they have torn in the past.
Blackcat31 10:41 AM 01-25-2011
I keep my books out where the kids can use them...but....I don't keep my really favorite ones out and I do not keep out hard cover ones...only ones I wont stress over them being thrown out if it becomes necessary. I do however, have a rule that if you look at books it needs to be in the book area ONLY and if you are caught ripping one then you lose the book area as a choice for a specified amount of time anywhere from 1-5 days until we can try again to be respectful.
I did have one child one time who ripped any thing he got his hands on (4 yrs old) and I gave every ripped book to mom and said here is the order number for this book from our scholastic book order site and asked her to replace them since her child was clearly old enough not to rip them EVERY time he used them.
e.j. 10:43 AM 01-25-2011
I have a set of favorite books that the kids and I enjoy reading often. I also have a set of books for each holiday. I keep all of those books on shelf that is out of the reach so the kids can't destroy them. Other books (duplicates, those that have been donated, board books, books I don't read as often) I keep on lower shelves for the kids to look at. That way, the kids still have access to books when they want to "read" but I don't get too upset when one is damaged.
kendallina 10:44 AM 01-25-2011
How old are your kiddos?

I have 2.5-3.5yrs old and my books are left out. We talk often about how to take care of books. I also keep on them about making sure they go back on the shelf when they're done with them. I have the children help me repair then if something happens (which has been maybe 3 times since I opened in Aug). That really helps them remember, but my children are at a good age for that...

I know someone on here recommended having a book hospital (just a basket), that included tape, erasers, etc so that children and you could work together to repair a book that's been destroyed.

If they're 2 and over you might be able to invite someone from the library to come in and talk about how to take care of books.
Zoe 10:45 AM 01-25-2011
I think it depends on the kids you have. Last year I had this terror of a two year old boy who destroyed everything in his path, books included. It got to the point where I had to shadow him the entire day, but that's a whole other story. Right now I've got 4 little ones who play very gently with things, so I've got not only board books, but regular paperback books out that they can look at whenever.

If the kids can't respect your things, then they shouldn't be trusted with them unsupervised. While you teach them how to respect books, maybe they should be put up until a structured story/reading time. Then you can have a pile of books on the floor, they pick out 3 and then go find a nice place (where you can see them, of course) to look at the books. This way they are able to explore books but in a more structured setting.

They can always be reinstated once the boys become accustomed to treating things with respect.
Cat Herder 11:26 AM 01-25-2011
My books are up and are brought down AFTER we wash hands and are seated nicely on the circle rug for reading. They learn that they are special and get so excited to have them.

I have an all boy crew, too.
boysx5 11:39 AM 01-25-2011
I keep all my books up and take a few down each day when they sit quietly and read other than that they are out of reach live and learn
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