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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>The FUNNY Thread - What Made You Laugh Today?
queenbee 06:31 PM 10-26-2011
Dcg3: "Ms.Tee, I'm going to be a mermaid for Halloween".

Me: "That sounds like a great costume Dcg."

Dcg3: "Yeah. But my daddy has to cut off one of my legs because I only need one leg for my costume."

Hunni Bee 10:14 AM 11-01-2011
We went on a walk today to look for signs of Fall.

Me: this is a holly berry bush. When it gets loaded with berries like that, you know it's going to be a cold winter.

DCB4: you mean like Halle Berry?

Me: no...that tree is called...hey look! A chipmunk!

hoopinglady 07:07 AM 11-04-2011
Acting out Halloween stuff.

The older kids have started walking around with arms outstretched saying "I'm a zooooombie"

My "too cute for words" two year old tries to copy them, saying I'm a zombie in his little baby way with arms doing a zombie like/wheels on the bus thing. so scary!

Also they pretend to be "panfires" (vampires)
BigMama 10:50 AM 11-04-2011
DCB (3) puts together a difficult puzzle.
Me: "Wow, DCB! That is a tricky puzzle! I bet it was hard to put together!"
DCB: "No, it was soft."
mommiesherie 09:43 AM 11-08-2011
A 4 year old came running up to me on playground saying "miss sherie there is a catapillar in my mouth!". I say "oh my let me see". She opens her moth wide and I see nothing at all. I say" I don't see a catapillar". She replies with a smile "I swallowed it". I ask "why did you swallow It?". With a look on her face that said I was insane she replied "because it was in my mouth!!!!" Then ran off to play. Lol I had to tell dad when he picked her up that I was pretty sure she ate a catapillar that day. Hahahah
Unregistered 10:41 AM 11-08-2011
I'm registered, just logged out.
DCM comes in this morning and says DCD asked DCG what she did yesterday. She replied I went to the lady doctor. He was like WHAT? He asked her again and she replied the same thing! DCM had to explain that we took the dog, Lady, to the vet We did not go to the "lady doctor"!
Sunchimes 12:43 PM 11-12-2011
I only had 1 dck today, the 15 month old that is like part of the family. I took advantage of the Saturday (almost) off, and we went to some garage sales to look for toys. One was way out in the county.

Let me back up a minute. Since dck was an infant, her favorite book has been one of animals. I point to them, say "cow", ask what a cow says, you know the drill. She has reached the point that when I ask where the cow is, she can point to it and moo. At the garage sale, there was a herd of cows behind the workshop where they had the sale. She looked up, saw the cows, and Moo-ed at them. The whole crowd burst out laughing.

And to make it better, I found a toy storage unit that is on my Christmas wish list. $54 at amazon, I paid $10!! Yea!!
SilverSabre25 09:59 AM 11-15-2011
"DCG, what color crayon do you want me to use?" [I was writing her name]

"The marshmallow," was her answer, pointing to the crayons.

Also from today, "We do NOT throw cucumbers!"
AmyLeigh 10:18 AM 11-15-2011
DCB: Amy, did God make pirhanas?

Me: Yes.

DCB: A (my son) said people make pirhanas!

Me: A, you know the God created all of the fish.

A: No, not the fish, the pirhanas you hit with a bat.

Me: What?

A: Yeah, people hit them and candy comes out!

Me: Oh, you mean pinatas. Yes, people made pinatas.

Then we commenced a deep spiritual conversation about God's creation versus what people have made. Gotta love 5 yo boys!
Unregistered 06:14 PM 11-15-2011
New DCG (2.5) started yesterday, came in with a bottle full of chocolate milk. Youngest of 3 kids.

Dad: We are working on transitioning her to a sippy cup.
Me: Ok, well, I have sippy cups, so we will try those today. What is in the bottle?
Dad: That is chocolate milk.
Me: How does she like regular milk?
Dad: (Weird look on his face) Um, I'm not sure, we've never tried. We make it with ovaltine so it has extra vitamins and such, it's not the sugary crap like nesquick or hersheys.
Me: Oh, ok. (Nodding my head, trying to comprehend how a 2.5yr old child has never had plain milk with the exception of formula, yet keeping a "this is normal and I totally understand" look on my face).

Guess who drank plain milk out of a sippy cup?! Parents make me laugh sometimes...
dave4him 05:49 PM 11-16-2011
A few days ago i took my daugther to Victoria Secret to buy something nice for mommy for Christmas. This evening she was referencing such item while we were driving to the movie place to pick up our tickets for Breaking Dawn. In trying to explain what item of clothing she was speaking of she said, you know the thing mommy puts on her boobies. I couldnt stop laughing. she she tried to get me to stop laughing by saying something else equally funny i wont repeat. Anyway thats my five year old for you
BigMama 09:28 AM 11-18-2011
Me sternly to DCB age 2.5: "R., how did your corn on the cob end up on G.'s plate?"
DCB: "It flew over there!"

Also from this morning:
Me as I lift DCG, 2, onto the changing table: "Oh, you are getting to be a big girl!"
DCG: "No I am not. I am little."
Me: "How little?"
DCG: "Teeny tiny like a little diamond!"
SilverSabre25 10:16 AM 11-18-2011
DCB 3 was standing on the stairs as I was answering the door.

DCB: "Ding dong, ding dong! I'm a ding-dong!"

I about fell over laughing. oh, children and their double entendres!
dave4him 01:01 PM 11-18-2011
My DD was riding her bike in the driveway while i cleaned the garage, she got off, grabbed some chalk, and said 'im going to play hopscotch, but im leaving my helmet on in case i fall down."

didnt realize how dangerous the game had become since i was a kid
Kaddidle Care 04:39 PM 11-18-2011
One little boy came in with a funny scab right across his nose. I asked him what happened and he said "I filed it with a nail file!" It about put me in histerics - mainly because it would have been a stunt my oldest son would have done if he had the chance.
Zoe 09:59 AM 11-21-2011
So we're making our "thankful for..." baskets with leaves glued on saying what the kids are thankful for. My one dcg3 has a great start. She's saying all of the members of her family, her house....then she must be getting bored and off-task because the last two thankfuls are for her feet and stairs!

I put it on there! She's thankful to have feet and stairs.
mema 07:47 AM 11-22-2011
2DCB's where talking about the Statue of Liberty and asked where she came from. I looked it up to double check and show them a picture. I said she was a gift from France. Without missing a beat, the both said, "San Francisco!!!" I said, huh? Forgetting relatives just visited San Francisco!
Michelle 10:53 AM 12-08-2011

Check out the picture of the kid on the cot sleeping!
Sunchimes 01:27 PM 12-12-2011
Does this mean I probably won't get a Christmas bonus? Every single day for the last 10 days or so, dcm has stood around talking at pick up or drop-off (not unusual), telling me their money problems. Baby due in Jan and they are having to pay so much a week to cover what insurance didn't pay, hubby's car in the shop for major repairs, dental surgery, Christmas, yada yada yada. They've never failed to pay me, so I'm not really concerned about that. I can't figure out why the money issues or why she's telling me. Two people with good jobs living in a small town should be doing just fine.

I realized today that she was setting me up so that I wouldn't expect anything for Christmas. I've known her long enough that I'm not expecting anything, so she doesn't have to tell me her financial issues. ;-)
Luna 05:05 PM 12-14-2011
I figured out a couple of days ago one of my dcbs has a bizarre idea of what firefighters do. He was telling me about his home and they have a fireplace, and the firemen will come and put fire in it...they will park the firetruck and fire will come out of the hoses. I told him if there is a fire where we don't want one the firemen will come and put water on it and put it out. He looked at me like I had two heads. "What???? Put water on it???" We need to have a talk
kidkair 12:59 PM 12-15-2011
My 3 year old "making" holy guacamole
Blackcat31 01:02 PM 12-15-2011
Originally Posted by Michelle:

Check out the picture of the kid on the cot sleeping!
OMG! That is too funny!!
Michelle 02:39 PM 12-15-2011
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
OMG! That is too funny!!
I just don't know why little Johnny is running around so wild every day!

Blackcat31 02:42 PM 12-15-2011
Check these out!

I think my favorite is the use of the Magna Doodle!
SilverSabre25 01:58 PM 12-19-2011
-dcb's mom arrived. "DCB, it's time to go!"
-DCB: "No! I want to play!"
-Used to this, dcm and I take the chance to chat for a few moments. Another dcp arrives. I tell the kids to start cleaning up the outdoor toys. I tell dcb to clean up.
-dcb drops what he's playing with and trots right over to his mom, saying brightly, "I can't! It's time for me to go home!"

Haha, nice try, Mr. Slick! Yeah, I don't think so. DCM backed me up and after a prolonged scream-fit, he managed to put away several toys and go home.
Sunchimes 11:05 AM 12-22-2011
About 4 or 5 years ago, my youngest granddaughter gave us a ceramic tile with her hand prints and a footprint on it. I use it as a hot pad, and it has sat on top of my microwave all these years. I use it many, many times a week.

With all the dc crafts I've looked at and all the talk here, I guess it finally penetrated the fog. I was cleaning it this morning and suddenly said, "Oh my goodness, it's a reindeer."

It never dawned on me that it was anything but a footprint, but now, it's crystal clear. I feel sort of silly. ;-)
DCMom 02:15 PM 12-22-2011
Originally Posted by Sunchimes:
About 4 or 5 years ago, my youngest granddaughter gave us a ceramic tile with her hand prints and a footprint on it. I use it as a hot pad, and it has sat on top of my microwave all these years. I use it many, many times a week.

With all the dc crafts I've looked at and all the talk here, I guess it finally penetrated the fog. I was cleaning it this morning and suddenly said, "Oh my goodness, it's a reindeer."

It never dawned on me that it was anything but a footprint, but now, it's crystal clear. I feel sort of silly. ;-)
This cracked me up! I always wonder if the parents know what I'm going for when those crafts go home...
Sunchimes 06:41 PM 12-23-2011
My 15 month old dcg isn't talking yet. She jabbers all the time, but nothing is recognizable. She will come up to you, and start "talking", sometimes she is serious, sometimes, she look angry, sometimes, she looks like she's your best friend talking over a cup of tea. Today, she came up, talked for about 15 seconds, then tossed her hand up in the air, threw her head back, and laughed like crazy. She has a great laugh, very contagious. I have no idea what tale she was sharing, but I'm sorry I didn't understand. It probably would have made my day.
AmyLeigh 01:10 PM 01-03-2012
In the middle of playing a game, 4 yo dcb stops and says:

"Michael Jackson is DEAD! He really is!!"

Nobody else besides me even knows WHO Michael Jackson was!
MissKim 10:22 AM 01-04-2012
DCG 5 whispers something to DCG 4 about Barbies. She finishes with, "they really can do that." and they giggle.
This worries me a bit, so I asked dcg 5 what she said. She said, "Um...I said...." So now I'm scared. I said, why don't you whisper it to me.
She comes over and says, "I said, Barbies can fall in love."
GretasLittleFriends 09:04 AM 01-10-2012
DCB3, DCB3, DCG2 were playing under the kitchen table. DD1 was walking around the outside of the table tapping the kitchen chairs and growling. This was going on for about a minute, then oldest dcb exclaims "Oh no, the dragon is attacking the castle!!"

I think he was the only one who saw the table and chairs as a castle, and my dd as a dragon, but it was just adorable.
GretasLittleFriends 01:40 PM 01-10-2012
"Once when I was born, I was little like a monkey, and I climbed up a tree." ~DCB3 (Same one who thought dragons were attacking his castle in the previous post)
countrymom 07:15 AM 01-11-2012
yesterday I got new gravol poured in the driveway. Well now that you walk on it, the shoes are filled with white powder. So today, dcm (she was in an accident 2 houses down from me, when she was side swiped) she came in to borrow wire cutters to cut the mirror off, so I put on my shoes and was to the cupboard to get my keys for the shed. I came inside to the kids staring at the foot prints left on the floor, they were excited because they told me that a dinasour was in my house. Gee, I didn't think I had big feet.
greenhouse 08:05 AM 01-11-2012
My 2 year old has a new habit of holding juice in his mouth a really long time- yesterday he came over to my cup of tea with his mouth full and made a deposit.
countrymom 09:34 AM 01-11-2012
Originally Posted by greenhouse:
My 2 year old has a new habit of holding juice in his mouth a really long time- yesterday he came over to my cup of tea with his mouth full and made a deposit.

Springdaze 10:38 AM 01-15-2012
watching Daddy Daycare! I told my kids, whatever makes them laugh in this movie is how my whole life is!!!!!!! They must have done their reseach for this movie! Its right on!
GretasLittleFriends 11:18 AM 01-15-2012
Not exactly daycare, but still struck my funny bone this morning.

My younger dd will be 2 in the end of April. Her language is expanding in leaps and bounds lately. Something she has recently learned is to put her hands on her cheeks and say "Oh My". Sitting in church this morning, I have realized that she also uses that statement appropriately.

During children's time this morning, our pastor had a small globe (baseball sized) and was holding it cupped in her hands and says "God has the whole world in his hands like this". My daughter holds her hands up to her cheeks and says "Oh My". Of course, this did bring a few giggles from people who saw/heard it.
SilverSabre25 08:53 AM 01-24-2012
From one of my daycare boys: "Just a minute, I'm toying this!" (playing with something)
Sunchimes 08:44 AM 01-26-2012
I found a message on my desk this morning. It's from my knees.

Dear Sunni,
You are too old to crawl around the floor pushing a truck and making vroom, vroom noises. Just saying. Stop it now or I will seek revenge.

Your (aged) Knees
dave4him 12:15 PM 01-27-2012
My Avery came home from preschool the other day with a coupon from a tax company in town, Liberty Tax services. It has a pic of lady liberty on it, guess one of her classmates has a parent who works there. Anyway, she thought it was a coupon for a Taxi ride to New York to see the Statue of Liberty! Too funny
kidkair 04:18 PM 01-27-2012
The absolutely wonderful snow that came today! I laughed and danced and played in it with the kids. It was amazing!
Sunchimes 07:04 AM 01-31-2012
These didn't happen today, because I have the miraculous mid-week day off. But they are funny and since I have nothing to do today but cleaning, sanitizing, taxes, laundry, and cooking, I'll write them.

I have this baby toy that plays music while the Pooh characters scroll across the screen. Since dcg#1 was an infant, I've identified the characters and made Piglet sounds and Pooh sentences and buzzy bee noises. When Tigger shows up, I tell them that Tigger bounces, and I make bouncy movements. (Thank goodness you guys understand-I couldn't admit that to just anyone!) Now, they all know the characters and what they do-they make buzzy noises and quack and squeak at the characters. If I'm playing with one of the kids, when I say "Here comes Tigger" the other kids playing around the room will pause and bounce for a second then go back to what they are doing.

I like the idea of teaching the kids an instance response when I say Stop, in case of emergency. I really haven't purposely done much about it, but it seems they have learned it anyway. I have 2 day care cats (another whole post!). Now and then, being cats, they do things they shouldn't-the current favorite being scratching the pnp. I saw one starting to claw and yelled "Stop that". I noticed that as soon as I said "Stop", all 3 girls froze. This is a good thing. But, I don't want to wear it out, so I have to remember to say, "Cat, stop that."
Sunchimes 09:50 AM 02-01-2012
When things get too quiet around here and everyone is sort of lethargic, I put on some good old 50's rock n roll. Real fun is watching a toddler trying to do Hand Jive with you.
Countrygal 12:34 PM 02-01-2012
OK, it really wasn't that funny, but I have two kids who don't like MARSHMALLOWS!!!! I have to chuckle every time I think about it. It's like one of our favorite unhealthy snacks!

There goes making our own, I guess.....
karen 11:06 AM 02-02-2012
Today I couldn't take the kids out so I took out balls...I have a small ball pool for the days that we can't go out it's filled with those plastic colored balls. The kids were having fun throwing and catching the balls but as we know things can quickly get out of control so it did they started running around and jumping on each other...So I yell "That's it everyone sit down on the carpet and play with your balls" I can only imagine what the neighbors must think or if someone happened to be walking by my house at that time. Oh yes let me not forget the best detail of all somehow I have ended up with 6 boys!!!!!!!
sahm2three 11:24 AM 02-02-2012
One of my little dcb's who is almost 2 has started saying, "Awwwww man!" and when he does it, his face is perfect and he almost has a southern drawl. SO STINKING CUTE!!!! I just love him!
AmyLeigh 01:07 PM 02-06-2012
Have new drop in today, laying down in a semi-dark room, trying to nap. The older boys were playing, making too much noise, so I told them that the next one who makes noise was going to have to lay down like J was. They all said, OK, and went and laid down!! So much for being too old to nap, huh?
jojosmommy 06:51 PM 02-09-2012
I made butternut squash today for lunch and my pickiest eater said "oh yum camel-lope (cantelope)". Dcg shoves it in her mouth. "OMG, why did you cook the camel-lope?!?" Dcb quickly responds "who cares you weren't going to eat it anyway!"
SilverSabre25 09:22 AM 02-10-2012
Me, after being told by DCG that DCB had hit her with a block: "DCB, DCG says that you hit her with a block."

DCB: indignantly, "But....but I hit her with the drum, not the block!"

He was then surprised when he got in trouble.

Countrygal 01:39 PM 02-10-2012
Just finished baking the banana bread we are giving for Valentine's gift:

GS: Grandma, where is my gum?????

Maybe we'll SLICE the bread before we give it out.......
Country Kids 01:39 PM 02-10-2012
Ok this is from my own son!

Mom, why doesn't igloo's melt when the eskimos build a fire in them?
Me-well, there is usually a whole in the top but it probably get hot so I'm not sure why it doesn't melt. Thinking to myself, now I have to look it up because its going to kill me till I get the answer!

Then-Mom I just saw a picture on the computor of a baby husky. Next to it was the caption-I'm not fat, I'm just a little husky-

By the way my son is 15 and he always has been so curious of the outdoors. I'm sure if we had snow we would be building a igloo and testing the fire theory.

He must have known it was going to be a tough day because he brought a smile to my face both times-
Countrygal 01:40 PM 02-10-2012
Originally Posted by jojosmommy:
I made butternut squash today for lunch and my pickiest eater said "oh yum camel-lope (cantelope)". Dcg shoves it in her mouth. "OMG, why did you cook the camel-lope?!?" Dcb quickly responds "who cares you weren't going to eat it anyway!"
Tooooo Funnnnnnyyyyyy!
GretasLittleFriends 03:05 PM 02-10-2012
DCB will be 4 in less than a month. Shortly after drop-off today he looks at me and says: "I'm gonna have a girl baby soon in mommy's tummy. Her name is gonna be Rollie because I like that name."

Part of me wonders if he knows something I don't.

The younger brother will be a year in a little over a month. I know mom wants a girl, but I think she'd tell me if there was news. She told me right after she found out with #2 because she was so excited and couldn't keep a secret.
AmyLeigh 02:59 PM 02-15-2012
I have one dcb who says the funniest things. Last week he told me dh and I need a night away from the kids. Cracked me up. Today he gets on a swing and asks, does this make my butt look big?
He always makes us laugh.
sahm2three 09:13 AM 02-16-2012
We had one of our littles diagnosed with RSV, so I spent all night sanitizing everything thoroughly again, and put some of the little toys away. We got a couple new toys, one being a big playhouse (not huge, but for the littles it is pretty big, one of those plastic playskool ones), and when the kids came in they were so excited! They were squealing and laughing. Then, one of the little dcb's came over to me and hugged me and said, "Thank you! You really love us! I love you too!" Days like this make me love my job!
MrsB 10:22 AM 02-17-2012
Testing a SA boy (4th grade) on his vocubalary for the upcoming test. He is trying to rush through so he can join the others playing. I ask him what "surfaced" means. His response "one who masters surfing". Hahaha
Michelle 01:57 PM 02-17-2012
On the way home from dance class today

"Molly" says to "Sally" ...."Hey Sally"..

Sally- "what?"

Molly- "Are you awake?'

Sally- "umm yea"

Molly- "oh"
MrsB 08:38 AM 02-22-2012
DCG turns 3 today! I ask her "so how does it feel to be 3 now" using a wii remote controller as a microphone.

She doesnt skip a beat, "well my mom and I talked about it and now that I am 3, I dont need a nap anymore!!"

Uhhh, is it mom or daughter trying to pull a fast one on me!
SD DaycareMOM 07:11 AM 02-23-2012
Two of my dck and my ds this morning were trying to say "Holy guacamole!," but instead kept saying, "holy crack-a-mol-ee!" Made me laugh out loud.
AmyLeigh 03:20 PM 02-23-2012
4 yo dcb "Y" was watching me season the turkey we are going to have for dinner.

y: Hey, look at the big chicken!

Me: It's a turkey, Y, not a chicken

Y: Someone killed a turkey?!?!

Me: Uhhhh...yeah....

Y: Cool, someone killed a turkey!

Cat Herder 11:21 AM 02-28-2012
I debated which thread to put this in.

For me it is a VENT....grrr....

BUT I think, for you guys, it will be funny..... I may even think so, tomorrow.

I spent HOURS going through cabinets, sorting, getting the spring curriculum together and rearranging to put the linens behind lock and key. (the DCK's are in a peeling phase, "Safety First" products CANNOT keep up)

I whip through lunch, get everyone cleaned up from outside and start getting ready for nap...then it hits me.

Where is the key????????? Somewhere between here and the playground, I presume.

Yep, diapers, wipes, blankets, mats, sheets.... EVERYTHING....locked.

After a brief delay I located a drill/screwdriver bit, took the hinges off the cabinets and got back on track. Ugh...two Mondays in a row for me this week.
Msiferllc 01:27 PM 03-01-2012
My 2.5 year old was doing laundry with my wife, and noticed the cat box needed cleaned. She turned to my wife and said "I think daddy need to clean lilly poops". Very cute!
Childminder 07:36 AM 03-05-2012
Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dotted kiwi.
Blackcat31 07:45 AM 03-05-2012
I normally wear contacts but wore my glasses today because I have a 4 yr old DCG that just got her own glasses and is having a tough time with them.

I thought I'd wear mine today to show her that it is ok and a lot of people wear glasses.

A 4 yr old DCB came in this morning and said "Whoa, Miss C! You look funny today! Are you still you?"
Countrygal 02:22 PM 03-07-2012
My dgs was at a friends house (gs is 5 and friends are 4 and 3). On the way home I asked if he had fun and he said YES!, but _____ and _____ really need to learn to pick up their things!!! ROFL!!!!
GretasLittleFriends 08:25 PM 03-07-2012
DCB (Turned 4 on Monday), DCG almost 4, and DD (almost 2) were crawling around today pretending to be puppies. This is VERY common lately. The light must have been just right today, DCB stops, jumps up, and (very quickly walking) comes over to me.

"Greta, I'm a real puppy, look I'm all fuzzy. I don't want a tail." He, apparently for the first time today, noticed that he has clear fine hair on his arms. I assured him that everybody has hair on their arms. After examining my arms and several other kids' arms, he decided he's still a little boy and won't turn into a dog.

On a side thought, I wonder if he's watched Disney's Pinocchio at home lately...
SilverSabre25 07:20 AM 03-12-2012
Watching Signing Time, one dcg said, "Eew, yucky skunk!" and then dcb ( who loves to argue followed with , "No, yummy skunk!"

Then everyone began declaring, "Yummy ______" for each and every animal
MrsB 08:11 AM 03-13-2012
I have a drop-in 3yr old today. She picks up my etch-a-sketch and starts sliding her finger across the screen. "Mrs B, this thing doesnt work"

"Sorry hunny, you have to use the nobs, its not a touch screen"
Michelle 12:52 PM 03-13-2012
Originally Posted by MrsB:
I have a drop-in 3yr old today. She picks up my etch-a-sketch and starts sliding her finger across the screen. "Mrs B, this thing doesnt work"

"Sorry hunny, you have to use the nobs, its not a touch screen"
that is so cute!
I have a mac and an ipod and sometimes when I am on another type of computer, I try to make things bigger on the mouse pad or try touching the screen
Blackcat31 01:06 PM 03-13-2012
I have a 4 yr old DCG who recently got glasses. Her eye Dr is telling her to tell him if her eyes aren't seeing correctly so he can adjust her prescription if necessary so...

Today after rest time she says to me "Miss C, when I was napping today, I couldn't really see that well without my glasses."

I told her that happens to everyone when your eyes are closed.
MrsB 02:58 PM 03-13-2012
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
I have a 4 yr old DCG who recently got glasses. Her eye Dr is telling her to tell him if her eyes aren't seeing correctly so he can adjust her prescription if necessary so...

Today after rest time she says to me "Miss C, when I was napping today, I couldn't really see that well without my glasses."

I told her that happens to everyone when your eyes are closed.
So cute.

Reminds me of a few of the little ittie bitties I've had over the years. They reach for something, and I tell them no. They close their eyes and reach for it. As in, if I can't see me do it, neither can you.
BigMama 09:33 AM 03-14-2012
As we were getting ready to trek down to the playground this morning, I reminded each child to use the potty. "I don't want to," very newly potty-trained DCG said. "But DCG, there is no potty at the park," I reminded her.
She replied with, "But there is nature!" "Ummmmm...there sure is but we should still go before we leave." She relented and went potty but as soon as we got to the park she asked, "Miss _____, can I pee on the grass?"
Sunchimes 07:50 PM 03-14-2012
My 19 mo old dcg came back this week after being gone since mid-December. Her mom said that she had started telling her when she had to go potty by saying "pa" or "paw paw". I was skeptical, but I agreed to try it out if I happened to notice. Actually, I took her 4 times the first day and she went once. The other times seem to have been ploys to get out of the play room and explore.

Anyway, when I flushed, she stood by the toilet and waved saying "Bye bye".

I was telling her mom and she said that she taught her that. Her niece was upset to see the toilet flush her efforts, so she decided to avoid that by making it a "bye bye" occasion.
Blackcat31 02:14 PM 03-26-2012
Two DCK's (age 3.5 and 4.5) are playing in the other room.

The older one says: "Stop doing that or you are not coming to my birthday party!"

the younger one says: "I will call your mom and I will come anyways"

older one: "You don't know my number!"

younger one: "Uh huh, its 8, 15, 7"

older one: "Wow, how did you know that?"

Bella99 03:08 PM 03-26-2012
That's funny!

Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
Two DCK's (age 3.5 and 4.5) are playing in the other room.

The older one says: "Stop doing that or you are not coming to my birthday party!"

the younger one says: "I will call your mom and I will come anyways"

older one: "You don't know my number!"

younger one: "Uh huh, its 8, 15, 7"

older one: "Wow, how did you know that?"

queenbee 08:27 PM 03-27-2012
A few funny moments today. I think my kids are destined to be comedians when they grow up.

1) Dcg3 is watching me as I feed and burp my newest 4 week old infant his bottle. Infant lets out a big burp and dcg freezes, adopts her face, puts both hands over her butt and says, "That didn't sound good!" and bolts to the bathroom.

2) I change dcg2.5's diaper and send her off on her merry way. She goes up to her friends who are playing with blocks and says, "Hey, guys! My butt smells really good now! Ms. Queen used wipes and everything!".

3) Dcg 2.5 is counting the stuffed animals in the dramatic play area.

First try: " One, two, three, seven, eleventeen.........."
Second: " One, two, three, seven, eleventeen..........."
Third and final: " One............Mary had a little lamb, little lamb...."

Gotta love short attention spans.
mema 09:06 AM 03-28-2012
Dcg 3 was watching the eagles. She started to talk about how big they were and that the wings are bigger than her arms and their tails are bigger than her tushy too!
Childminder 07:37 AM 04-06-2012
Song of the day sung by dcb3; "Bitchy, bitchy spider, Ö"

EntropyControlSpecialist 09:36 PM 04-06-2012
Mine have sweet moments.

After dyeing eggs today, a little boy says, "Wow, thanks Mrs. Blair. That was a GREAT idea!"

Cuteness all the time.
Sunchimes 01:27 PM 04-10-2012
One of the girls ((19 mo) favorite signs is bird. I don't know why they love it so, but at the least hint of a bird (movement outside, a picture, a noise) those little fingers are in front of their mouth clapping while they say "Bird!" Well, actually it's more like "bud". (The sign is the thumb and first finger held in front of the mouth and sort of pinching like a bird's beak.)

Yesterday, we were watching the birds in the yard and I asked dcg to show me the sign for bird. She looked at me a minute, then tucked her little hands in her armpits and starting flapping her elbows, saying "Bud". I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
mema 10:05 AM 04-12-2012
I asked dcg3 what we should do this morning and she said "let's go to garage sales!" That's my kinda girl!
MrsB 02:06 PM 04-12-2012
So 2 of the 3 year old dcgs were talking at snack. I was in the bathroom helping wash another dcbs hands and i over here there exchange

"im glad I got a good nap I didnt sleep last night"


"cause I was kind of scared but I couldnt go get in bed with my mom and dad"

"how come"

"cause my dad sleeps with his shirt off"

"oh yeah well I my dad sleeps neked"

I kinda want to tell their dads the conversation when they come to pick up. I can just see the total embarrasement on their faces!
AmyLeigh 12:58 PM 04-13-2012
It's been raining for the last couple of days, so we haven't been going outside as much as usual. The kids are losing it. Four out of the 6 kiddos here have underwear on their heads or over their pants. They are calling themselves the "Chonie Squad!!!"
queenbee 04:00 PM 04-13-2012
I'm choosing to post this in the Funny thread.

Parent comes to pick up their child.

Parent: "Oh wow, you're on vacation all next week?" as they point to the sign on my door that's been there for 2 weeks.

Me: "Yup!" as I smile cheerfully.

Parent: "Gosh, what am I going to do? I wasn't prepared for this."

Me: "I gave everyone a 6 month notice for this vacation. I also send out reminders in the past 6 newsletters. You should have also gotten a reminder by text, by email and on Facebook on Monday of this week."

Parent: "Oh wow, okay. I'll have to see if I got those reminders. It's unpaid, right?"

Me: -pointed look - "It's paid. See you in a couple weeks!"

Why would I give a 6-month notice just to have an UNPAID vacation?

This is coming from one of my most responsible parents. I was SO confused! But I laughed, because I didn't believe they never saw any of my reminders.
Breezy 08:56 PM 04-15-2012
This isn't really DC related but I think it is sooooo funny...

My parents are caretakers for an apartment complex and my brother things their title is "Carrot Taker". He is 8 years old and so whenever anyone asks what his parents do he says "Oh they are Carrot Takers!!"

He also says to my 18 year old sister "Your room is a pig style" (pig stye)
GretasLittleFriends 07:21 AM 04-17-2012
DCB4 "Hey look! I have a wayro car. Waaaayro, waaaayro, waaaayro, waaaayro"

The car, in case you were wondering, was black and white with red and blue lights on top of it.
mema 09:00 AM 04-19-2012
Dcg2's version of the alphabet
a b d d e f g elmo wants to pee s t y z! Then breaks into tinkle, tinkle little star
AmyLeigh 01:17 PM 04-20-2012
1.) My 3 yo dd was doing a daycare 'interview' with me today. She was looking for care for her toy froggie while she goes to work. She checked out the playroom, asked about food (do you have grapes? Froggie loves grapes), etc. I must have impressed her because I got the job!

2.) Instead of "Who let the dogs out", the song has become "Who let the farts out?!" Ahhhh....5 yo boys.
Blackcat31 06:40 AM 04-23-2012
I have a DCG here today who is celebrating her 5th birthday.

She comes in this morning and I say to her "Wow! You look so much bigger today! Isn't today your birthday?"

She replies "Yes, I am 5 today so I don't need rules anymore because now I am old enough to know better!"
Childminder 07:18 AM 04-23-2012
Dcb 1.5 was being stripped of his clothes because of a blow out and was standing up while I pulled his shirt over his head. Dcg 2.5 walked by just then and said: "He has a tail". She is the youngest of all girls and I guess she has never seen her dad's tail.
SilverSabre25 05:34 AM 04-24-2012
Just looked over to see my 10.5 month old happily using the 8 month old for a pillow while the 8 month old was happily smacking the 10.5 month old in the head. Both were perfectly happy with this arrangement until the 10.5 month old rolled over onto 8 month old's face....8 month old started to cry and rolled out from under 10.5 month old. 10.5 month looked cried and looked at me all hurt like, "Hey! He moved!" I told him "Well, he didn't like you laying on his face!" and 10.5 month old made an exasperated sighing noise with a bit of raspberry thrown in.

Babies are funny.
SilverSabre25 05:52 AM 04-26-2012
dck 1: "You're wrong!'

dck 2: "I not wrong, I [name]!"

This went on for a few exchanges before I intervened and made it stop
Fruitloops1 06:16 AM 04-26-2012
A little background info: My husband is going through a lawsuit with a medical clinic that is claiming he owes them money for a surgery that was supposedly not covered by his insurance, but the insurance claims it was paid but it was billed as an out-of-network thing...So he has been stressed a bit, trying to find a decent, affordable lawyer.
From my ALMOST 16 year old step-son: I want to be a lawyer! I am going to be Papi's (dad's) lawyer for his medical case.
Me: Thatís great! You think you are going to be able to pass the BAR exam in time to defend him in the case?
Step-son: Bar? But I canít get into a bar? I'm not even 16 yet! (He gave me a super goofy eye rolling DUH!! Kind of look)

Gotta love him!!
sharlan 05:12 PM 05-24-2012
I called my 5 yo in for lunch yesterday. He was out back playing in the sand/water box and didn't want to come in.

"I can't come right now, I'm too busy doing my job."
Blackcat31 07:48 AM 05-25-2012
It was thundering and stormy yesterday at closing time.

DCB age 4 to his dad at pick up: "Dad is the thunder going to get on us?"

Dad: "No, thunder won't get on us, it is just a sound....a kind of scary one but just a sound. It won't hurt you."

DCB (after thinking about it for a few minutes): "Oh, kind of like 'B's crying. It is just a sound......kind of annoying but it won't hurt us."

"B" is my screamer baby who screams ALLLLLLL day long.
Childminder 04:58 PM 05-31-2012
Four year old day care girl asks four year old day care boy: "Have you ever had Tuberculosis?"
MizzCheryl 06:11 PM 06-06-2012
DCG3 says "I don't have a pillow"
me "why"
DCG "My husband took it"
Me "Why did he take your pillow"
DCG "cause I was hitting and smacking him"
LOL she is too funny
GretasLittleFriends 10:43 AM 06-14-2012
DCB4 "Ants are attacking my brain!!!"
DCG4 "What brain?"

I had to walk away and laugh, then come back and explain to the girl what a brain is because she didn't know, and that is what she was asking.
jokalima 08:38 PM 06-20-2012
IDK if it's funny , maybe not but IDK where else to comment about it.

Lately I have been getting in my mail box lots of boxes, well not lots but more than usual, today my sister noticed another 2 packages and said, joka really? What's all this about you and buying thing over the internet?

ANd the I realized, I don't have a social life anymore, I don't go out like I used to because I am SO Tired all the time, even the weekends are DC related because of cleaning and organizing, so I just sit and shop online, it's like my little private mall.

She just looked @ me and laughed, I laughed to because it's just the reality of my life now.
Bookworm 03:48 PM 06-21-2012
I have always enjoyed joking around with my class so yesterday, I decided to play around with them by telling them that after snack I was going to give them a password for our class. Now if any of you ladies and gentlemen have ever seen "Purple Rain" starring Prince, there is a scene where 2 characters discuss a new password. The new password is "WHAT". Well I start off by telling them that the new password is WHAT. So the start yelling out random answers. I then say, "No, the password is WHAT". They start yelling again. Well this went on for about ten minutes when suddenly one of my DCBs jumped up and said "The password is WHAT". Me and the other teacher jumped up and started clapping and hugging him. I was so impressed that I gave him a dollar. Best day ever.
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