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Daycare and Taxes>Lost My Mileage Log!!!
TSDaycare 11:20 AM 03-27-2011
I don't know what my beginning mileage was for 2010, I thought I had written it in my calendar keeper-but evidentally not. So for my mileage, I just calculated up all my trips by receipt. Is this sufficient? I know I am shorting myself a bit, but there isn't anything I can do about it without that log!!! Ugh And I am so organized-thats why it frustrated me more!
TomCopeland 08:38 PM 03-27-2011
There are two issues here. First, if you don't have your mileage log that recorded your odometer reading as of 1/1/2010, you can estimate this by looking at any car repairs done around that date (usually the car repair place will record your odometer reading. Or you can look at past years total miles and use that to estimate your total mileage for 2010.

Second, you can use other records besides your mileage log and receipts to show that you made business trips: calendar notations, cancelled checks, bank deposit slips (or bank statements), credit/debit card statements, etc.
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