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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is There A National Nurse Hotline? Cuz I'm Freakin' Out!
jessrlee 04:42 AM 04-05-2011
Dcg mother just called me, we have been dealing with this skin condion on her head for quite a while. Last night I guess all of her lymph nodes swelled and she ran a really high fever. Of course she isn't in care today but mom let it slip that she is on staph infection meds. I need to know what steps I need to take here so this doesn't spread (I also need to know if it can!?)
ninosqueridos 05:01 AM 04-05-2011
A skin condition that she purposely didn't tell you was a STAPH infection!?!?! WTH!?!? That is absolutely terrible a parent would do that knowing full well it was contagious and potentially life-threatening considering there are new strands out there everyday that are resistant to medications. I'd be fuming over this and would give her notice over something like this. No amount of money is worth risking all the children in my care.

As for the nurse hotline, check with your ccr&r since your state may have one. Or perhaps even one with your own health insurance provider. If you have kids, your own pedi's nurse's line. Don't know of a national one.....
jessrlee 05:10 AM 04-05-2011
Ok, lets calm down. No, she has psoriasis. Mom has been dealing with it, but last night the ER perscribed meds for staph infection. Mom just called me. I never said she hid anything.

I'm not terminating this family for having a poor sick child. I just need to know what I need to do to keep my family and the rest of the kids safe.

(Ok, I see thow that I said "let it slip". I don't think she was hiding it, but I don't think she understood the measures I might need to take. However she has been 100% upfront with me the whole time)
Lilbutterflie 05:50 AM 04-05-2011
My daycare family proactively put me on the list of people that their pediatrician is allowed to share medical information with. This means I can call their pediatrician and talk to their nurse about any of their medical issues if need be. I never thought of asking this before, but now that I have that priveledge, I think I may require it with all new families. It's great! Something to think about adding to your contract perhaps.

As far as finding out info about skin staph infections; I would do the research. Lots of internet sites will address what to do to keep it from spreading or coming back. I briefly looked it up and it does sound like it can be spread from contaminated objects and from skin to skin contact. So since it's on her scalp; daily washing of pillowcases, sheets and blankets, maybe saying no to any type of hair clips/headbands or tell them to use disposable hair plastics, and lots of hand washing if you see her scratching it a lot.
jessrlee 06:02 AM 04-05-2011
So, I got ahold of my nurse consultant. She says the only thing I can do is disinfect everything. Use proper handwashing, and require dcg to keep her head covered until it clears up.

I guess I thought that Staph was more serious?
ninosqueridos 06:16 AM 04-05-2011
okay, well you hadn't mentioned psoriasis. I know someone who almost died from a staph infection (MRSA) so it does hit a nerve with me. I'm not an expert, however, so I will be quiet now. Maybe it's nothing.
momofsix 06:23 AM 04-05-2011
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Michael 12:16 PM 04-05-2011
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