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daycare 09:45 AM 04-08-2011
As of right now I don't have any infants. However, I have to mom that are PG and they would like their babies to come once born.

I have decided to increase my license and will hire an asst. just to care for these two babies.

Becuase I dont have babies, my policies are written for toddlers/preschool age children.

Do you have a seperate policy for infants? Or what different information do you have for infants vs. toddlers?
SilverSabre25 09:51 AM 04-08-2011
Let's see, after my most recent family with an infant--

~NO car seats in the house. I just don't wanna know how badly they're using it.
~NO diaper bags--bottles, diapers, whatever can come in a resuseable shopping bag. I do NOT need the whole diaper bag because it has stuff I don't need.
~Parents either provide enough jarred/homemade baby food for a week or *I* provide the jarred baby food. The food will be infant cereal (personally don't agree with it but whatevs), 8 jars of fruits, 4 of green veggies and 4 of not-green veggies<--amounts may be different if you aren't going to be feeding breakfast. I also won't start giving solids at daycare until 8 months to give parents and baby a chance to get practiced with solids at home.
~I provide the pacifiers. I don't like losing them throughout the day and scrambling to find them at pick up, so if baby uses a paci, I have a bunch they can use while here...and I try to limit them to naps only.
Greenshadow 09:57 AM 04-08-2011
I have a family for whom Ive been caring for their son for a year. The mom just had another baby and I care for him now too. My policy covers all kids regardless of age so I didnt have to redo any paperwork, although I did add the child to their paperwork with dates and signatures.

The parent brings a small waterproof bag everyday that carries her milk in it in bags and a pacifier. I keep the bottles here. I keep the pacifier here throughout the week and she takes it home on Fridays. I dont know why. Thats just how we do it. LOL. She leaves the bag here and picks it up when she picks up her boys at the end of the day. She uses it to bring the milk in. Its very small. Now that her son is starting foods, she brings a couple of jars of food in the bag now too. She brought a playmat that she had from home because I didnt have one as my kids are over infant age. I bought a swing off Craigslist for $20.00 and another pack n play with a bassinet, although now he sleeps down in the pack n play because he is too large for the bassinet. Thats about all the changes Ive had to make.

I dont allow carseats in the house unless we're going on a field trip. They take up too much room and parents dont ask to leave them anyway.
lil angels 09:58 AM 04-08-2011
Everything is the same except they need to have 3 bottles to leave here, 2 nuks, and they supply diapers and wipes and spare clothes. I give them one type of formula that I will supply and if they don't like it they can bring there own.
daycare 10:10 AM 04-08-2011
Thanks ladies...
I recall someone saying somethig about requirments for infants like:
must be able to drink from a bottle before attending
no-co sleeping at daycare

Lol I can't recall the list or the things mentioned....
SandeeAR 10:40 AM 04-08-2011
I have the parents supply me two passies in the beginning of what they want the child to use. I don't send one back and forth. I don't want to accidently spend the day without a passy.
MsMe 10:55 AM 04-08-2011
I prefer a supply of frozen breast meilk I keep here (frozen flat) I don't care when tehy restock it as long as ALWAYS have a least twice the amount I normaly use in day. I parents supply food, cereal, water, bottles and paci (kept here) diapers, change of cloths. and wipes. I provide all toys, teething rings, beds, and blankets, swings and bouncers.

I ask the parents for a detailed sched of their childs day and keep it as close to the same here as possible. I care for their infant exactly as they would at home. Minus a 20 minute bedtime routine. I average 2-3 new babies a year( so far they have all been from current clients) and every single one of them has been laied down awake and falls asleep in MINUTES....even the ones 'who won't do it at home" IDK maybe I am the baby sleep godess but I have never rocked a baby at my dayare.
Abigail 10:03 PM 04-09-2011
Here is what I have about infants that is in my handbook but directly related towards infants.

Under Communication...
Parents of infants will receive a daily report of their day. Our typical routine and menu for older children will be posted on the parent bulletin board.

Under Nap and Rest....
ALL infants must sleep on their backs unless documentation from parent/guardian/physician directs us otherwise. Sleep positioning devices will not be used unless specified by a physician. Young infants will nap as needed and older infants will start to follow our daily routine.

Under discipline....
Younger children, infants and toddlers, will be redirected to another activity.

That is pretty much it for being worked into my handbook. I already have that parents provide diapers and I provide wipes. I don't have my supplies list decided on because providing my own paci's would be easy like another pp said and I want to provide bottles just so I can organize easily in limited space. I am going to be on the food program so I'm going to offer food and formula and if the parents don't take me up on the brand I choose they can supply their own. I do agree on having parents start food at home so you should be well aware of any reactions or allergies.
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