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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Anything I Can Do For A Child Who Is Hyperactive?
sahm2three 09:17 AM 05-12-2011
I have a 5 yo dcg who is totally unable to sit still. If she tries, she gets this look in her eyes like she is about to jump out of her skin! We are watching a movie, and I have done nothing but get after her for flipping all over the place. It is a movie she brought (movie and pj day here, yucky rain), so it is something she is interested in. The 1 yo's are sitting 100 times better than she is. She gets herself into trouble all the time by escalating to a point of her being completely out of control. Hyper active describes her to a T. What can I do to help her? She will be going to kindergarten next year and I foresee soooooooo many problems!
Live and Learn 09:28 AM 05-12-2011
May the force be with you!
youretooloud 09:58 AM 05-12-2011
I have one that drives me crazy! I don't see any ADHD tendencies yet. But, I see it being a problem later on.

She can't play with toys at all. If it doesn't involve running, or slamming her body down, she can't do it. She naps great though.

She can't sit for ANYTHING. It would be bad enough, but she's also very large for her age, but has no idea of her size. (she grows so fast, she's just not aware yet) and she slams into things, people, walls. Her body is covered in bruises.

I have lots of room for running, I have trampolines, I have tumbling mats for her. I have climbing equipment inside, I have large plastic things to build balance beams..... But, it's never quite enough.

I wish her parents would let her get exercise in the evenings, but they aren't at all interested in taking her to anything that would allow her to get it out of her system. They are the type that will drive her to school because walking the three blocks is too much work for THEM. They won't do anything inconvenient even if it's the best thing for her. Here are some ideas to help.
Unregistered 10:34 AM 05-12-2011
Do a 30 min yoga dvd for kids right when she arrives. She likely needs muscle stim- more than what she is getting. And like the other poster said don't bother asking the parents. They don't "have time" to do what this kid needs.

I use the words "control your body" about 1,000 times a day. Pretty much stops any and all unecessary goofing/wildness/agression etc. Every kid knows that means check your self and toe the line.
Mrs.Ky 11:51 AM 05-12-2011
My Son is ADHD and was very hyperactive till he was on meds but anyways. A hyperactive child is NOT ever gonna sit threw a movie so you might as well forget it LOL. As far as sitting for learning time, circle time, etc give her something to keep her hands busy such as playdoh to squeeze and roll between her fingers or a piece of string to play with between her fingers it helps keep there mind busy to sit still. When its play time outside have her run a few laps around the yard make a game out of it. We have a trampoline and everyday after school my Son jumps his energy out as I call it for about 20 minutes he loves it his meds are usually worn off by then lol.
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