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Michael 02:12 PM 06-05-2011
New Forum Members Start Here:

I've started a new category for new members with some sticky threads to help. It is for members only. Special thanks to kidkair for the suggestion!

A couple of things I've learned over the years here from other members. Try to use a username that is not your email address or name unless you want people to know connect you and your daycare to your comments. Sometimes members want to be blunt about their daycare and clients but may be reserved because a parent may identify them from their username (you'd be surprised how small the virtual world is). Rule of thumb; start with a username that makes you anonymous. You can always PM me later to change your username.

Also, member Joyce made a great point about forum member behavior that I thought I would share, and take some liberties with, here:

Originally Posted by Joyce
One thing to think about is that 3 important things are missing in forums like this -- tone of voice, facial expression, and body language. Those things are EXTREMELY important when it comes to getting a message across the way you really mean it, and for it not to sound argumentative.

That being said, when someone disagrees with you and seems rude, try this.... re-read that 1st message that you thought was judgmental, and read it as if it was from your best friend, mom, sister, etc. Read it as if it's from someone who is just throwing thoughts out there, but is not trying to put you down. Read it with a GOOD tone of voice, a smile, and an extended hand of helpfulness. You may get a whole different meaning from it. Just sayin...

To sum up, please don't write off this great forum because of just 1 or 2 people. Just ignore them if they made you feel judged, and move on to the next person. But also give them the benefit of the doubt that they may have said it with good intentions, not bad.
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