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SunflowerMama 06:22 AM 06-13-2011
So I'm thinking ahead to next Fall/year and maybe adding something simple to our curriculum for my soon-to-be-kinders.

I have 4 girls (2 of which are my own) that will be starting kindergarten in the Fall of 2012 (and ironically enough will all be going to the same school).

I'm just wondering if any of you offer or do anything special academically or otherwise that year before they leave to get them ready.

We are currently doing a nature based, non-academic curriculum so I'm just wondering if I should add anything in for that older group.

What do the rest of you do?
daycare 09:11 AM 06-13-2011
For my kinders I have them do more stuff than my littles.
My kinders, most will be able to read easier reader books before leaving. We pratice writing more, they are taught to sit at a table and chairs for at least 15 min doing a solo activity. We do worksheets for writing, cut, glue, and pAste things with very little help.
I subscribe to the mailbox. Com and use a lot of their books to teach. As well as zoo phonics.

I spend at least 20 min a day solo with each kid helping them read and write.
I also ask the parents to read with their child every night and we do a reading reward program. Then two months before school starts we start home work just to get everyone used to the idea. We take two weeks off of learning before school starts.
mac60 01:32 PM 06-13-2011
For the past 10 years, I have done kindergarten readiness as part of my daycare day. The first few years it went really well, and everyone who came thru my daycare participated, then, in the past 5 yrs I have had families send their kids to "real preschool". I hate it, as it totally disrupts my program here, as kids go to different preschools, at different times, on different days, etc. I am constantly juggling my lunch schedules, activities, etc. So, I have decided, because I have 3 that are going to "real preschool" next year, that I am not having them participate with my preschool activities here. I will have 2that turn 3 yrs this summer, and I plan on working with them starting in the fall. The other 3 who are 4yrs, I am not letting them participate, as I refuse to continue to juggle everyone else's schedule to accomodate mine. So if you are involved in outside preschool, you won't be involved with mine here. Now to put it in a letter and inform the parents. Just gets to be very frustrating when you are trying to do a program and you have people coming, going, etc, at different times. Just food for thought.
melissa ann 05:33 PM 06-13-2011
I have tried doing preschool work with dcks but I have finally decided to give up. My dd went to preschool the year before kindy only because I felt she needed to learn to be away from me. However, she could write her name, count to 15, and knew her alphabets and could write the letters.
My son will be going to preschool this fall. He is very attached to me and heaven forbid I leave a room and don't tell him. However, academic wise, he is above prepared for kindy. He just loves to learn and aborbs everything like a sponge.
Now, the 2 dcgs, who are the same age as my son, (one is 2 months older, the one is 2 months younger) have no intersest in learning anything. They do not know the abc's, can not count, don't know how to write,etc.
I will be doing a nature based curriculum in next month. Maybe they will show some interest in that. I have come to the conclusion if their parents don't care if they can't do these things, well, then it's not my problem. I have tried. But the one girl, when she's home, she plays all the time or watches tv. The other one, the mom fills her time by taking her places. Whether its a zoo, carnival, shopping whatever. She also has a portable dvd player that she always carries around.
boysx5 06:47 AM 06-14-2011
I have stopped doing stuff all mine leave at the age of four go to preschool and give the school all the credit so I no longer do anything we do hands on learning and everyday play
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