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littlemommy 09:12 AM 06-24-2011
I have a single mother, who is a full-time student and not working. She just qualified for state aid and I have agreed to do the paperwork to get certified. I am licensed in the state of Nebraska.

How do I know if it is legal in my state to ask for the mother to pay for holidays, sick days, and days off, since I will be paid thru the state? In my contract, I allow 7 unpaid vacation days that they can use whenever they want. My mother, who did daycare for 15 years, said it is illegal in NE to charge families extra. It would be nice to be paid for the days she doesn't have class because I am holding a FT infant spot!!
MarinaVanessa 09:21 AM 06-24-2011
I would call the office that handles the subsidy program she is (or will be) on and ask them. I'm in CA (so it may be different) and I showed the subsidy worker a copy of my policies and contract that says that I charge weekly whether they come or not so when my one client on subsidy keeps DCG home due to sickness or if I close because of my holidays I still get the full weeks payment.
SimpleMom 09:34 AM 06-24-2011
I would call the office as well. They should send the information to you with the application anyway. Here, we can charge if we choose to do so. We don't get full reimbursment, but can request the family pay the difference.
MyAngels 10:07 AM 06-24-2011
In my state we cannot charge subsidy families more than we charge private pay families, but can charge for holidays, vacation, etc. if we charge everyone the same rate. My state will reimburse for all eligible days (this includes holidays) as long as the child attends 80% of the time, if attendance drops below 80% then I would be paid for only the days used.
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