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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Fee For Non-Potty Trained?
newtodaycare22 10:41 AM 06-25-2011
Right now all my 3-5 year olds are potty trained. They pay 160/week.

I'm accepting a 2 yo who is in pull ups...about an accident a day. So not "fully potty trained."

Would 180 be an ok rate? Thanks!
Auntie 04:10 PM 06-25-2011
Would that be discrimination? And could a way around it be that it is mentioned in your payment policies?

I know we take preschool age children. If they are not fully trained they pay the same amt. Yes it takes more of our time and more of our time out of the classroom to deal with a child who is not trained and I feel they should pay more. However, I beleive I mentioned this to my boss and she said it would be discrimination.
Abigail 09:08 PM 06-25-2011
It's not discrimination if you charge based on being potty trained or not. People can charge $180/week for those not trained (6 weeks-whenever two weeks accident free happens) and then $160 for all those who are potty trained. You obviously can't charge based on other things as well or else you need to be careful in your wording.
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