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MN Day Mom 02:29 PM 07-05-2011
From Resources for Child Caring, Inc....

Great news: The Attorney Generalís office has indicated that child care assistance funding will continue at this point. The Governor has forwarded an order acknowledging that federal TANF and CCDF funds should be deemed core under the Supremacy Clause. While the Special Master and Judge Gearin can still make a different ruling than this, it is highly unlikely.
Unregistered 07:15 AM 07-06-2011
The only families that CCAP should make an exception for are the families who are already currently employed. The ones who recieve assistance to job search should not recieve a dime until the shutdown is over. Families should be given a cap for the total amount of assistnace they can recieve just like the 60 month cap for cash assistance. Once the money is used up, then there should be no more. Families need to look at their own resources from within their family and friend circles before they ever are allowed to get assistance.

They should also be allowed to recieve assistance for the children they have already here and NOT for anynew children born while on assistance. I feeel bad for the providers who are in a bind due to this shutdown, but it should also serve as a lesson to the provider. DO NOT use up more than 30% of your available spots for families on assistance. Many centers and preschools in my area do exactly that.

Another thing; STOP paying relatives to care for their own family members. That is the biggest drain on our system. Why should grandma, aunt, cousin or sister get paid for watching someone who is biologically related to them....shouldn't assisting our own flesh and blood be an ethical and moral obligation? NOT a way to make money!
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