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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>California Food Program Not Paying Again?
daycare 07:48 AM 07-06-2011
I am on the food program and usually get direct deposit into my account on the first of every month. Not sure if there is something going on with the budget again or if it's just the holiday causing the delay in getting paid............I still have not gotten paid for last month.

I don't want to call my site monitor, becuase I dont want to seem I was just wondering if we are going to go through the same stuff that we went through last year.......................wa
TomCopeland 09:24 AM 07-07-2011
The Food Program is a federal program that is not impacted by the California budget. Therefore, you should contact your sponsor right away to find out what is happening to your check.
daycare 09:50 AM 07-07-2011
I understand that it's federal, but last year when there was no budget passed inCA, we did not get our checks for months.. While other states got paid on time.
I've tried calling but no one ever answers... Lol
Unregistered 11:10 AM 07-07-2011
Yea here in MN our payments may be delayed b/c of the lack of budget as well. I guess b/c the people to process the payments (state employees) are not working.

I would call to check it out. You earned the money- you just need to get it in your account.
Crystal 01:22 PM 07-07-2011
Call them. In Ca. they can withhold the STATE portion of the check (which is minimal) but they are required to pay the federal portion within 5 days of the sponsor recieivng it. They cannot withhold your check.

I will say though that in 14 years it has been my experience that checks always come a little later in the month of July, which I think correlates to the fiscal year ending and new rates being approved.
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