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GrannyJ 10:58 AM 08-31-2011
I was wondering what you consider as being potty trained. I have a 4 yo dcb that only goes in a little potty chair. This is the first time I have ever used one of these little potty chairs, I have always used the big potty. But dcp asked if I could use a little one because that was what they were using at home so I agreed. Now I still have to dump the pee, clean and sanitize the chair after every use. He doesn't go on his own only when I tell him to go. If he hasn't had a bm before he comes to daycare dcp puts a pull-up on him. He has been late many times because they are waiting on him to have his morning bm. They say he goes in the potty at home but I am sure he goes in his pull-up that they put on him at night. If not then why would they put a pull-up on him for day care?

I don't feel like this is potty trained. I consider potty trained as going at least two weeks with no accidents and going in the regular toilet. Am I expecting too much?
daycare 11:00 AM 08-31-2011
I would suggest going to read nannyde's blogs. She has a great one on potty training! She defines it very well....
Kaddidle Care 12:59 PM 08-31-2011
I find it considerate of them to try to wait until he "goes" in the morning before sending him on to you to continue his potty training.

Your last sentence is also what I call Potty Trained. Everything else is still in training.

At 4 - yeah.. it's time and then some. When do they plan to transition him to the big potty? At 4 he's certainly big enough.
Christian Mother 01:10 PM 08-31-2011
Sounds like he's still in the training stage but it seems like he is just starting? I have a couple of the the small potty chairs for the very beginning but to be honest they used it to get used to just sitting on a potty. When it ashually came to going potty I'd rush them straight to the big people potty. It just became habit and it cut out the little ones all together. I agree that they are completely potty trained when they are accident free 2 wks. That means they are telling you that they need to go and can undress pretty much on there own and climb on the potty. That would also include pooping in the toilet also. Which can take another couple wks to feel comfortable but once they are doing both and free from accidents and are dry the whole day including be out doors as well then I say there completely potty trained.
momma2girls 06:56 PM 08-31-2011
I have it written well in my contract- pullups or diapers are required until fully potty trained, this means goes on their own, without assistance and reminders from myself. Must also be accident free for quite some time before diapers/pullups can completely come off-
Unregistered 06:45 PM 09-01-2011
Potty trained...when they can tell me when they have to go & no regular accidents. So parents call themselves potty training just because they put a pull up on a!
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