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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Never Been To DC..And He Cries All Day
MommyMuffin 07:55 AM 09-08-2011
I need some help. I enrolled a dcb for 3 full days a week. He is 2.5. He has never been to dc only grandma and grandpas. He scream/cries about 85 percent of the day. I need the income.
This was his first week so the third day is today and so far he has been crying for 1.5 hours.
What do I do? How long should I give the transition? I have been trying to fill the spot for 10 months.
cheerfuldom 08:04 AM 09-08-2011
have you tried giving him a cry corner or even separating him? if you have tried to distract and soothe as best as possible, the only other thing you can do is wait it out. don't feel bad if you and the other kids need a break from the crying and you need to separate him. its going to take time especially if he is part time
pfund2233 08:07 AM 09-08-2011
Is he the only one you have? If so and you can stand the crying give him some more time and comfort him. What is he doing when he's not crying? He may get better and he may not... only time will tell.

If he's not your only one you need to take into consideration what the crying and stress dose to the other children. Are they stressed because of his crying? Dose his crying make the others up set? If so, I know if it were me and he didn't adjust by 4 weeks I would probably term just because no amount of $$ is worth me and all the other kids stressing out. (Been there done that)
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