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momofsix 01:58 PM 09-19-2011
This was in my inbox yesterday. I found it interesting, thought you might too
VTMom 03:27 PM 09-19-2011
That was interesting. I think I'll print it off for my parents. Good stuff. Thank you!
Oneluckymom 03:37 PM 09-19-2011
Interesting...thanks! Fascinating that they feel nappy in older children may be linked to the sleep pattern in infancy...made me pause and think about my own little ones.
MN Mom 07:11 PM 09-19-2011
Out of 4 children, I had 1 REALLY good sleeper as a second child. She would eat 2 oz:sleep 2 hours, eat 3 oz:sleep 3 hours, eat 4 oz:sleep 4 hours. She maxed out at 4 hours during the day, and was sleeping 8 hours / night by 4 weeks. Her sleep patterns were so predictable as a baby, it was AWESOME.

She is 10 now, and still requires A LOT of sleep. She is the only one who will still nap every day (I allow 30 min after school) and dreads when I wake her.

However...the interesting thing about her, she is my only child with reading delays, distraction issues, and tends to "dilly dally" quite a bit. She needs constant direction and re-direction of tasks she finds daunting. If it's a task she enjoys, like painting or drawing...she can sit and concentrate for hours. She has shown remarkable improvement this school year thus far, however...especially on her spelling and reading. Her tests indicate she is right on track with her age group as of right now.

I'm not sure if the early sleep patterns and delays/distraction are related, just an interesting fact I thought I'd toss out there.
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