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dEHmom 07:27 AM 09-27-2011
I'm getting a little discouraged lately. I get calls/emails for daycare spot I'm still sitting on. 95% of them want subsidy which I cannot offer. The others want to schedule an interview, and we do so, and then they call/email to say thank you and they've found someone. They dont' even give me the chance to interview.

On another note, I may be getting licensed soon. It will take a month or so to clear the criminal record check and child abuse registry, once that is done, I can get licensed. But first I am having the licensor come by to check out my house, cause I don't want to waste my time or my money if it's not going to happen. At least being licensed I'll have the ability to offer subsidy.
beachgrl 09:21 AM 09-27-2011
I only get occassional calls, often asking me all kinds of ?'s and a cpl will setup interviews to either not show or I don't hear back from them even if they seem interested..I am dropping my rates in case I'm losing them to cheaper providers. I am licensed and have lots of experience, a degree in early education and tons of toys and materials so idk what is going onnbut I'm trying not to worry bc I will need to find work if this doesn't work out!
countrymom 09:24 AM 09-27-2011
let me know what goes on for licensing. But are you in ontario.
dEHmom 09:27 AM 09-27-2011
Originally Posted by countrymom:
let me know what goes on for liscensing. But are you in ontario.
no not in ontario. in mb.
dEHmom 09:24 AM 10-08-2011
just an update, i have filled all my spots now!
Blackcat31 01:20 PM 10-08-2011
Originally Posted by dEHmom:
just an update, i have filled all my spots now!
Cool!! Good for you!!
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