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Daycare and Taxes>Denied CA Childcare License Because Of My Husband's Past...
Angelasandiego 11:34 AM 09-30-2011
My husband has a past which happened 8 years ago (when he was 15 and this girl was 13) which he was charged with one of the penal codes on the list licensing has.

It has been 8 years ago and my husband is now a pastor of a church, graduated from a university, went to many years of rehab in his early years, and is now married to me.

Should we appeal? Do we have a chance of winning? And does anyone know the process that this will take?

Since this daycare is my source of income, while the church doesn't pay my husband, this is very hard on us to be denied this license. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
Blackcat31 12:30 PM 09-30-2011
I don't know what your state laws are but when I initially applied for my license a loooong time ago, my DH was denied access to my childcare (it is seaprate from my home) because he had a record from high school and fighting. He was under 17 years of age when it happened and had grown up alot since that time.

We simply had to write a letter to the head of our human services department and explain that it happened while he was a minor and happened along time previously. We also had to explain how he was now married with children and worked a great job and had not even had a speeding ticket in several years. I got my license shortly after.

If your state allows it, I would definitley try to appeal it. We all did things in our youth we probably aren't proud of.....kwim?
Crystal 12:40 PM 09-30-2011
What was he charged with? Let me know and I'll let you know if I think an appeal would be worth your time.

I'm fairly familiar with Ca. licensing, and if I don't have the answer, I know a few people I could ask.
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