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RachelDaycare 09:26 AM 10-05-2011
I am getting beyond frustrated. All of the children in my group will not leave the six month old alone for one minute. If I am feeding him the three year old girls keep trying to touch him, and keep saying over and over how cute he is.
When he is in his excersaucer they keep trying to play with his toys or crowding him.
It is exhausting me
SilverSabre25 09:28 AM 10-05-2011
I have the rule, "Absolutely NO ONE touches my baby." They are not allowed to get within arm's reach of him. DON"T TOUCH MY BABY.

They caught on pretty quick. Make a "Baby Zone" with a superyard or even a large blanket, and train/teach your group that they do NOT touch that space. They dont' touch ANYTHING that belongs to the baby.
laundrymom 10:13 AM 10-05-2011

send them to the other side of the room if need be, but they may NOT touch YOUR baby. ever.
kitkat 10:49 AM 10-05-2011
I agree, don't touch the baby and send them away. More ideas: have enough dolls and accessories and when they are crowding, tell them to go play with their baby; tell them the baby is not a toy, go play; have a big blanket that baby can be on and they can't be near the blanket; get use to saying leave the baby alone I know, it gets old fast, but stick with it & they'll get the point eventually. I'm going thru the same thing with DS who is 7mths. If I hear one more time he's so cute, I think I'm going to go crazy!
Solandia 10:52 AM 10-05-2011
The three year olds are old enough to understand, they just dont want to leave baby alone.

I have a very large baby play mat that no one but a baby is allowed to touch. I dont mind kids crowding my own babies, but not a dc baby...

Also, do not allow them to "help" with anything that is close to touching him. No helping with the high chair tray or putting on his socks or shoes. Or handing him a toy. They can hand YOU the toy, to give to baby. IF they are being good about it, they can take turns giving YOU the diaper to change the baby (not putting it on the diaper changer), or getting the baby spoon out of the drawer to hand to you (no put on the baby's tray), or taking the bottle from your hand to throw in the sink....

I have baby botherers, too, my girls (who are now 9 & 12) absolutely cannot stop touching the babies. The oldest is allowed to be a baby botherer, now, at 12yo. I understand it, though, I find it nearly impossible to not touch/snuggle/feel the fuzzy baby head at any given moment.
RachelDaycare 10:56 AM 10-05-2011
One of the problems I think is that his two year old cousin is here. They are together alot, here and at home. The two year old is always yelling at the kids"leave the baby alone!" then he tries to smother the poor baby with hugs and kisses
Some days it is just too much. If they don't cut it out soon I will put the baby in the kitchen with me and shut the gate to the living room
nannyde 11:17 AM 10-05-2011
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