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cheerfuldom 09:34 PM 10-09-2011
do you think that it is okay to interview and fill a spot (or spots) knowing that you would most likely let them go, say a year later. Like what if you were pregnant and would have to let a DC kid go in order to make room for your own child. I am not pregnant, thats just one scenario. It sounds like most of us strive to find long term families. If you know that you cannot keep a family past a certain point for whatever reason, would you even fill the spot? would you tell the family that this spot could be temporary? or just fill and deal with stuff as it comes along, hoping everything works out?

I know some people that are super super upfront with every possibilities with prospective DC parents and others that do not say anything unless they are 100% sure of the scenario. which are you?

like with the pregnancy, you can't know for sure that there will not be another opening pop up where someone else leave and you still be within your ratio even with the "temp" kid you took and your new baby.

other scenarios would be if you are pretty sure you are moving but not 100% sure.....maybe you think that a current DCP will be enrolling another child but they haven't decided yet.... maybe you know that your own schedule will change say next summer and you are going to downsize, would you interview and fill a spot knowing that someone is going to have to go several months down the road? you see what i am saying. just wondering what your general principles are for stuff like this.
Nellie 10:50 PM 10-09-2011
So much can change in a year. You never know when a parent could loose a job, move, have another baby and decide to stay home, ect. Even once you find out you are expecting, you don't know if any of the above could happen or 1/2 way through your maternity leave a family may decide to not bring the child back. I currently have 1/2 of my DCK's that started out as a temporary spot while there current provider was out on maternity leave and decided they didn't want to switch the children back.
I have had some DCP's ask if how long I planned on doing daycare for. They wanted to try to find someone who would be able to watch there children from infancy to school. In terms of pregnancy, you are not pregnant at the time I wouldn't disclose that you are trying to get pregnant or planning on getting pregnant. You never know how long it could take before you conceive. It could take a month or 3 years. In terms of selling a home I guess the above applies. They will notice however if you have a sign in your yard.
If I was already pregnant I would disclose to be fair. I think that they should be aware that they will be needing to find back up care in just a short while after starting care. For current DCF's I wouldn't feel so pressure to let them know asap. I actually would probable let them know right away just because some of my families take there vacations when I do. One of my families just told me that between the husband and wife that they had 3 weeks of vacation to burn before the first of the year. They asked if I had any certain days/weeks that I wanted off and they would put in a request for those days.
When I was pregnant I knew that I wanted a lighter load for a while afterwards. A couple of my mom's lost there jobs during the pregnancy and I didn't fill the spots because I feel it was right to fill a spot for 4 months. If it was a doggy day care it would be more than fine, but we work with children and they need consistency. Although I have had some families that I'm sure they would leave in a heart beat if they could get cheaper or at a more convenient daycare. Even if it was for way lower quality of care. There are people though looking for temporary care and could always try to advertise for those clients if that is the case. Or try to get an older kid that would be leaving the next year for kindergarten.
Kaddidle Care 05:06 AM 10-10-2011
I don't think it would unethical if you're thinking a year out - and you're thinking "possibilities".

Nellie is spot on - if you knew something was for sure within 6 months, I'd rethink it.

You never know if the situation is going to be perfect in the first place. We've all had some that didn't last a month, let alone a year.
Cat Herder 05:32 AM 10-10-2011
Originally Posted by cheerfuldom:
I know some people that are super super upfront with every possibilities with prospective DC parents and others that do not say anything unless they are 100% sure of the scenario. which are you?
I am super upfront as soon as I KNOW.

My reputation depends on it.

IMHO, Being wishy/washy, undecided or constantly changing your contracts does not build confidence.

Everyones life is subject to change. As long as you give them enough time to find alternate care, barring an emergency/unexpected situation, you should be just fine, ethically.
Unregistered 05:55 AM 10-10-2011
Wellll..........would they enroll knowing THEIR situation may change in a year? Oh ya, probably even if it was a couple of months right? You are talking a whole year away, yes I would enroll noone knows for sure what will be a year from now. Not sure about anyone else but required notice to end services here ranges from one week to one month depending on payment plan..........kwim?
mismatchedsocks 06:18 AM 10-10-2011
I think A TON can change in a year, and not worth getting clients for a what if scenario. I would tell if I had a FOR SURE date for something like moving, baby, closing, etc.

I have lots of long term families but throw in there some not so long contracts and you just never know with families or with what situation might hold for you anyway!
C'est la vie. 10:51 AM 10-10-2011
I think it's only reasonable to fill your spots. You can't just assume you'll get pregnant (for example) at the drop of a had. Some people do some people don't. What if you tell parents that you'll be only probably taking their child for a year because you want to have a child, but then it takes you 14 months to get pregnant.

I think you can only plan for the near future, not warn parents OR employers of everything you MIGHT be doing in the future.

I agree though that if you're certain of something changing, then you should be honest.
jojosmommy 11:07 AM 10-10-2011
I do what works for my business RIGHT NOW. People leave, jobs change, current families get pregnant or quit jobs etc. I am not running this business on the possibility of something happening XX months down the road.

I would do what works right now. Who knows what will change by then anyway.
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