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WImom 11:28 AM 10-19-2011
I have a new 2y old DCB starting Tuesday. Mom warned me that if he has to pee and we are outside he will just pull his pants down and go outside!

Now we will have potty breaks before we go out but how do I stop this if it happens?

Also I've only had one boy here potty trained before (I usually have girls or the boys I've had have left before that). This current boy sits which I prefer as it doesn't make a mess. Do you require all the boys to sit until a certain age? I forgot to ask mom what DCB does at home so not sure but I'm thinking at age 2y he isn't going to have the best aim.

Heidi 11:45 AM 10-19-2011
Mine all sat until they went to school, and then saw other boys standing.

We are out in the country, and "peeing on a tree" is one of the percs of being a man around here. :-)

That said, if you are in town, little man needs to learn that it is not acceptable everywhere. If you see him doing it, just stay calm and say "at our house, everyone goes potty in the toilet".

I used to have a little convenience store, and one day, I was visiting with a farmer who stopped in often. The door was open, and his little boy was playing out in front. I looked over farmer's shoulder and started laughing. He says "Whats so funny?". I pointed at his 2 yo peeing on the gas pump..."you don't take him into town very often, do you?"
Solandia 11:55 AM 10-19-2011
My current 2yo pees standing. I put a squirt of hand soap in the toilet so he can make big bubbles. He loves to make bubbles. He has learned if he holds off going to the potty, it come out faster and lots more bubbles. I train boys sitting...they do until they have the poop in the potty going well.

No to the outdoor peeing. They learn that rule very quickly, it really has never been an issue.
Cat Herder 01:26 PM 10-19-2011
Backwards overalls until he learns how we act in polite society on public playgrounds .
Zoe 01:28 PM 10-19-2011
My son sits down and he's almost 4. However, when we're at the cabin on the lake, he is allowed to go standing on a tree. We had to have a lot of talks about when that is ok so that he doesn't get confused.
nannyde 01:56 PM 10-19-2011
All the boys sit to pee.

Backwards overalls if he can't keep himself from peeing outside... or backwards onesie.
mismatchedsocks 02:08 PM 10-19-2011
I sit all the daycare boys here backwards on toilet. They can stand once they havent had accident in a while and dont make a mess.

BEFORE you go outside say loud " everyone (make sure he is listening) we go in the potty in the house, if you have to go let me know and we will" then keep an eye on him for signs of needing to go.

If he is an older 2, then he will understand IF he tries that is not acceptable at your house. If he is a younger two, onesie.
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