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Christina72684 07:09 PM 11-07-2011
I have an 11month old girl, 12month old boy, 15month old boy, and 17month old boy. They all nap one time a day, after lunch, for anywhere from 30mins-1.5 hours, but the avg is around an hour. Is this normal? And the 11month old girl HATES napping. There are times when her mom picks up at 2:30pm so we just don't even bother trying to put her down.
VTMom 07:14 PM 11-07-2011
I have a 12 month old who naps from 1 - 1 1/2 hours in the morning, and 1 1/2 - 2 hours in the afternoon. Mom just mentioned this afternoon that she thinks she'll transition to 1 nap a day this winter.

My other 2 nappers (2 and 4 yr old) nap between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon.
mismatchedsocks 07:34 PM 11-07-2011
My 15 month and older crowd is down to one nap a day for at least 2 hours after lunch. I transition from 2 naps to one between 12-15months.
queenbee 09:09 PM 11-07-2011
I have a 10mo, a 12mo, a 13mo, another 13mo and a 15mo that are on a religious 2-nap a day schedule. Our morning nap is 8:30-10am and afternoon nap is with everyone else from 12:30-3pm. They all sleep, every nap, every day, every child.

I "train" my newbie kids to my schedule and I'm very proud to have accomplished nappers.

From my experience, I think your three youngest (possibly all four of them) should still be on two naps a day. They are still very young and they NEED more than 1 hour of sleep during the day. And 11mo who hates sleeping? She honestly shouldn't get a choice. Keeping an 11mo up until after 2:30pm is unhealthy.
AnneCordelia 03:37 AM 11-08-2011
I agree with QueenBee.

I have 4 1yos (13mo, 13mo 14mo, 15mo). They are on one nap because of my school run, but I prefer two naps for the under 18mo crowd.

I also don't give them a choice. I start with 1.5 hours and when they learn to sleep that then I add 15 minutes until they are sleeping at least 2 hours. All of mine now sleep 2.5 hours a day without issue...infact I'm waking them up at the end of nap because we have things to do.

Babies need this sleep, hate it or not, and they need to learn how to sleep. Sleep is a learned behaviour and I'm privileged to be able to help these babies develop a quality of life that includes ample sleep.
Meyou 03:46 AM 11-08-2011
If I had those ages here they would be napping twice a day. 830-10ish and 1-3ish with outside time in between. They might not be sleeping because they're sleep deprived. Sounds wierd but it affects kids differently.
nannyde 04:03 AM 11-08-2011
1 to 1.5 in a.m.

2.5 in p.m.
countrymom 06:02 AM 11-08-2011
I agree with the above ladies.
cheerfuldom 09:28 AM 11-08-2011
everyone under 18 months is on 2 naps a day.
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