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Sunchimes 12:39 PM 11-09-2011
I went to amazon to get the Family Child Care 2011 Tax Companion, but it says it won't ship until April 2012. Should I get the 2010 version to use for my 2011 tax prep and the 2011 version for when I do my 2012 taxes?
TomCopeland 05:35 PM 11-09-2011
I don't know why Amazon is saying this. Redleaf Press will publish my 2011 Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer (as well as my Family Child Care Tax Companion - for providers using tax preparers) the first week of January 2012. It's available from them at; 800-423-8309.

Don't use the 2010 version. There have been some significant changes since last year. See the highlights of these changes at:
Sunchimes 06:07 PM 11-09-2011
Thank you. I'll order from them instead. I was thinking that if I had it now, I could study it before I have to get my info to my tax lady. I suspect she will need some guidance.

I've ordered the Record Keeping Guide and will select another one for my December book.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
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