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lilcupcakes09 08:19 AM 12-06-2011
What to do with my 2 1/2 dcb who is oblivious to his surroundings??? This little boy could care less what or who is around him, if it's toys he steps on them or trips on them. I can't let my 5 month old dcbaby play on his floor gym if I am not sitting right next to him, the kid will walk right over him like he is not even there!!! He will run right into the older kids. He is seriously in his own little world. Only thing I can think to do is make his own space with gates to keep him in which I would need to purchase.....any other suggestions besides having to make a large purchase which I don't really want to do for 1 child. I tell him to watch out but I don't think he understands...
lisa@tinytots 09:32 AM 12-06-2011
I have had plenty of children like your DCB. On Ebay you can get these fences. They are the best! You just surround the infants in their own area to protect them. It works great!
Heidi 09:56 AM 12-06-2011
I would confine the infant, not the 2 1/2 year old. He is not being malicious, and he can't learn if he's confined.

Some people don't have as good of a spatial awareness. How are his motor skills? Does he seem "floppy" or "noodly"? He may have some minor gross motor delays (my son did, he's a sniper in the army now, at 19). It could also be a vision issue.

Or, it could be nothing at all and he is just unaware. I can be like that from time to time myself...
Zoe 10:19 AM 12-06-2011
I agree. Confine the baby. Honestly, every kid has a moment or two when they're not paying attention and it makes me nervous having a baby on the floor who can't defend him/herself. So I have a separate spot for the babies. As for what to do with "ugh", I have no advice but to occasionally check to see if he's in his "own little world" and try to snap him out of it.
CheekyChick 11:44 AM 12-06-2011
I wouldn't put the 2 1/2 year old in a fenced area, that is where I would put the infant. The infant will not know the difference, but the 2 1/2 year old will. He needs to learn by watching other children and by your reinforcing (over and over again) how to walk/play safely.
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