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MNMum 12:17 PM 12-14-2011
Anyone want to recommend their insurance agent to me? I always make my husband do these kinds of checking around for insurance. But he refuses, my business = my responsibility. RATS! I'd rather get a recommendation than cold calling...KWIM?
Michael 01:49 PM 12-14-2011
That always seems to be a tough question to answer since many insurance companies don't want to write a "home" daycare policy. They will for centers. Usually they try to get you to bundle the rest of your insurance needs with them and it may get covered under your general home insurance coverage.

Here are some threads on insurance. I think some of them have company recommendations but you will have to look through them:
MyAngels 06:47 PM 12-14-2011
Check out Tom Copeland's blog, too. I seem to remember that he has a listing of companies that specialize in daycare insurance.
kayla 08:15 AM 12-15-2011
check out west bend
Blackcat31 08:23 AM 12-15-2011
Try here: they are pretty reasonable for their rates.
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