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Mark 11:14 AM 09-14-2007
Hi I am a 51 year old male who is interested in opening a day care center where I live there is a big shortage of them here I want to know how to get a license and get started. It will be in a plaza. I have retired from a long time in mining industry and both of my daughters work for day cares so we decided to start are own they don't have the money to open it I do. I just need to know how to apply for a license, thank you.
Michael 11:16 AM 09-14-2007
Hi Mark,

Here are some links to help get you started:

Your state's requirements and contact numbers are located at:

These links may also help you:

Daycare Startup Guide Kit:
Daycare Insurance:
Accredited Daycare Classes:
Daycare Forum:
Unregistered 12:35 AM 03-03-2008
Contact your state's/county daycare licensing agency:

Child Care Licensing Agency
Florida Dept. of Children & Families Child Care Services
1317 Winewood Boulevard
Building 6, Third Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700
Phone: 850-488-4900
Fax: 850-922-2993
Web Site:

also here are some helpful websites:

Florida Regulations
The regulations listed below are current as of August 8, 2007

Child Care Information, Licensing info, Child Care Information, Laws and Requirements etc..........
Unregistered 11:05 AM 02-24-2009
Hello my name is chris and I am in the act of starting a daycare center with my wife. I dont know where you live but if it is in Fl. you need to start here you must have a Directors License in order to operate a daycare and be registered with the state of florida if you are going to be the director. Your daughters will have to complete a 30hr and 10hr course if they have not already done so inorder to work in the daycare. all of these course can be found at the above address. I hope this has helped you out.
Reply 12:47 PM 05-07-2009
Hello, Thank you for your reply. I very much want to join your class, but not online because where I am we don't have constant electricity, so you see learning online will be very difficult for me. Is it possible for me to come down there for the course?
Unregistered 10:31 PM 10-27-2009
First off you must have your local DCF(departmet of children and families) come out and inspect the place you are going to do business, to see if it's proper for children. They will let you know what you need to do as far as bring it up to code!! These peple as very experianced in this area so you need to listen to then even if your ideals for your facility id diffrent from thoers. After this inspection and she let's you kow how many children you are allote to have, they will issue you a license. You must get commerical Dayare insurance then hire staff which will depend on how many childre yu have. Ratio-- children to staff must be kept at alll time. Make sure staff ahve all the hours and schooling they need to work in a daycare. if you need any more info, feel free to contact me at I am also a guy who owns/operates a daycare.

Unregistered 12:21 PM 01-22-2010
How does one go about getting the credentials to be the director of the daycare?
kaykay 06:21 AM 06-17-2012
I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can locate a daycare building in Jacksonville, Fl?
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