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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Hee Hee Hee, This Is Funny 'Cause It's TRUE
SilverSabre25 05:28 PM 01-08-2012
From the wonderful blog, Not Always Right:

(Note: 40 degrees Celsius is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Me: *on the phone* Hi, Ill need you to come and pick up your son right away. Hes not feeling very well.

Mother: Whats wrong?

Me: Hes running a 40 degree temperature.

Mother: Oh. No, hes fine. Thats normal.

Me: Uh, Im sorry?

Mother: Dont worry about him, love. Thats normal. Hes a werewolf, you know. Werewolves run hot. Didnt you know that?

(It takes me a few moments, but I realize shes perfectly serious.)

Me: Im sorry, but I still think you need to take him to the doctor.

Mother: Ugh, fine. Ill come and get him, but the doctor will only say what I told you!
Michael 07:39 PM 01-08-2012
I don't know whether to TAG that under funny, weird or sad.
Meyou 01:56 AM 01-09-2012
Someone is watching too much Twilight.
Cat Herder 06:09 AM 01-09-2012
Gives fuel to the fire for the opposition of "Parents know best for their children."

I wish more folks realized that some providers deal with REALLY off the wall clients. There are no mental stability requirements to pregnancy.

Those providers are the ones that need to vent a bit more.....
countrymom 06:17 AM 01-09-2012
my 7 yr old runs hot, but I've never considered her a werewolf, hmmm thats a new one.Can you see a dr. saying that her ds is a werewolf so he is allowed to run hot, does she bring him to a vet to be assessed.
mommacat 06:57 PM 01-11-2012
I actually find the werewolf thing refreshing,all I ever hear is the it's just teething
beachgrl 08:27 PM 01-11-2012
Originally Posted by mommacat:
I actually find the werewolf thing refreshing,all I ever hear is the it's just teething
hehe...too funny
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