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Daycare Insurance>Field Trips And General Errands!
dave4him 03:35 AM 01-09-2012
Just wondering what kind of form or permission slip i could use for my kids in order to take them with me on errands or field trips. My SIL is very paranoid about me taking her daugther anywhere apparently, she thinks shes going to be stolen or something. Little freaked i guess, though i dont know why. I have my own three kids already in the car so its not like i wont drive safe and be careful. Anyway any ideas please pass them along
Cat Herder 05:03 AM 01-09-2012
Getting permission to transport can be difficult. I don't do it. Not worth the risk of losing my home.

My State has another huge list of requirements for that including insurance waivers and mandatory training.

It can also cause you problems with your insurance company (home AND auto). Call first and make sure they won't deny you coverage in an accident or lawsuit.

Mine will.
familyschoolcare 06:55 AM 01-09-2012
This is what mines says ....

I/We _________ authorize ****** ***** and emplyees or volunteers of her day care to rake my/our child ________ on walkink trips. I/We also authorize the child to ride a a passanger in vehicles driven by **** **** ad employees or volunteers of her day care. I/We understand that I/We are responsible for supplying an apporpriate car seat for all children under that age of at all times (emergencies happen) to **** ****. I/We also authorize the child to take public transportation with ***** ***** and emplyees or volunteers of her day care. I/We understand that I/We may not be notified of any such trips.


Then there is s check of section to indicate what type of carseat the parent will be providing or if they are old enougph and wiegh enougph to not need one.


That is followed by a place for both parents to print name, date and sign.

For me it is not a problem getting parents to sign this because I specialize in school age and they expect that I will be transporting thier child to/from school. One time when a parent read the slip before signing it they said so this gives you permission to take my child anywhere not just to/from school.

So I explained that I wrote it this way so that I did not need a different slip for every field trip. Also , this way if we plan a trip to the bowling alley and it closes down because of a fire or something unfore seen I can change the filed trip with out hunting parent down and getting them to sign a new slip.
DaisyMamma 11:54 AM 01-09-2012
I have it as part of my enrollment form. It's a requirement. If someone doesn't want me transporting their kids then this is not the daycare for them. I go to story hour at least twice a week, sometimes three. I also go to local parks, zoos, farms, children's museums. I like to keep busy!

It's a small portion of the form that states (Providerís name)____________________, my child care provider, has my permission to transport my child, if necessary, when my child is in care.
Ariana 12:12 PM 01-09-2012
I only take kids out on scheduled outings. I never run errands with them. We go to my local Chilcare Provider resource centre for organized activities and sometimes to the library. My consent form simply states that the parent permits me to transport their child to and from XYZ place at XYZ time. I then provide the address and telephone number for the place we will be and get them to sign. Every month they sign a new one depending on the activities for that particular month.
Sprouts 10:35 PM 01-10-2012
Make sure you are covered under your insurance to transport children. If you are receiving pay for your services then you care considered to be driving for pay, which means using your car for business use, God forbid something were to happen and your insurance doesn't cover you because of this then you will be in a very bad spot, even if it is family. Most accidents are out of our control no matter how well you drive, there is always some reckless idiot on the road
SandeeAR 07:27 AM 01-11-2012
My rider only covers the kids on my property. I don't drive them anywhere. The extra insurance isn't worth it. I would have to raise my rates too much to cover it. I have two kids that the parents are friends with my daughter. She is on their "ok, to sign out" sheet. If I only have those two and we want to go somewhere, she simply signs them out and we go
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