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1vs7omg 10:46 AM 03-16-2012
I'm so disgusted. I was licensed last November and got insurance from West Bend and had to pay $619 for the year for 2 million coverage. Well, I just cancelled my insurance last week because I don't have any kids. Now, it looks like I will be getting 2 families in April and I'm looking at State Farm where I have my house and car with.

They charge $225 a year but it's only for $500,000 coverage. There's such a big difference in the coverage and I'm wondering what others have for insurance and has anyone ever been sued by a parent?
Blackcat31 10:59 AM 03-16-2012
LOTS of threads about insurance

These guys are pretty good and reasonably priced too;
1vs7omg 11:30 AM 03-16-2012
thanks blackcat; I did a search on insurance before but I didn't come up with much.
MommieNana4 04:36 PM 03-16-2012
I have State Farm daycare insurance (personal liability) at $500K. I have not been sued and I hope that doesn't happen
Oneluckymom 06:33 PM 03-16-2012
I just baught dc insurance through New England Insurance Services Inc. And got the million dollar policy and covers 3 incidence. They are reasonable and deal dc.
wdmmom 08:53 PM 03-16-2012
My insurance agent suggested 1 or 2 million. The difference in rate was $21. For $21 a year, I opted for 2 million dollar coverage and I pay $460 annually.
snbauser 04:54 AM 03-17-2012
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
These guys are pretty good and reasonably priced too;
This is who I use. Very reasonable and excellent coverage. Thankfully I have never needed it. I used to have State Farm when I lived in CA but they would not cover me once I went about 5 kids and even refused to cover us for renter's insurance because of my daycare.
Little planet 11:28 AM 03-17-2012
Ho no!! I pay $570 a year for $100.00 for liability. I just have 3 kids right now.

Thank you for the info.
MNMum 08:12 PM 03-17-2012
Thanks for the info!
Kim 06:20 PM 04-08-2012
I have a rider on my homeowners because I am required to but I also have a policy through DCI- (recommended by the National Assoc for Family Child Care). They seem to be around the same cost as the ACA company- for my state anyway. I pay $381 a year for a million dollar policy.
mrsp'slilpeeps 09:23 AM 04-10-2012
I pay an extra $120.00 a year for my daycare insurance.

$60.00 on my house insurance, and $60.00 on my vehicle insurance because I transport dc kids.

That is for 2 million liability coverage on both.

I go through the CO-Operators.
MarinaVanessa 09:46 AM 04-10-2012
I have State Farm and have a rider on my homeowner's insurance specifically for family child care. I don't pay nearly that much though for a $500,000 policy. I think it varies on when you sign on for it and probably demographics. I pay $396 a year for my homeowner's insurance and that includes my rider and I like it better than DCI because your vehicles are still covered (and the children inside of them) if you use your vehicles for DC as long as your cars are also insured by State Farm. DCI charges you more for this extra covergage. Maybe I also pay less because we have multiple policies with them (3 cars, 2 quads, 4 life, homeowner's). DCI also pays up to $20,000 for medical expenses per child and my rider pays $50,000.

I've never been sued and havn't heard of anyone that I know or even someone in general (through the grapevine) of being sued but it's always better to be safe than sorry.
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