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SilverSabre25 02:48 PM 03-30-2012
Who else never plays the lottery but just couldn't resist plunking down a few bucks for a chance at it this time?

wahmof3 02:53 PM 03-30-2012
hahaha I never play but I am sitting here debating with myself to go & get a ticket
Breezy 03:25 PM 03-30-2012
I bought one! But i guess people are 8,000 times more likely to be murdered than to win
MyAngels 03:37 PM 03-30-2012
Nope - I guess some other lucky person will walk away with my mega millions .
bunnyslippers 03:41 PM 03-30-2012
I played. Odds are clearly not in my favor...but someone has to win. Why not me? Can't hurt to give it a try. I sure have lots of plans for that money!!!!
Breezy 03:43 PM 03-30-2012
Me too bunny!!!! Been fantasizing about it all day. I really hope if I did win that it wont change who I am.
Michael 03:48 PM 03-30-2012
Not yet. Do I really want to ruin someone's life with all those millions? Statistics show that over 60% end up broke after a couple years. One winner bought his family and friends homes and fast cars. Two of his family members died in auto accidents.

I think we are a lot richer with it. Maybe $10 would be a good lottery to get into.
MarinaVanessa 03:54 PM 03-30-2012
We play from time to time so yes we've been buying tickets. Not going overboard or anything of course but like bunnyslippers says, if someone's going to win why not be me?

I wouldn't tell anyone if I did win though. I'd be a scrooge and frugally spend my money on things we've been planning on getting anyway like a modest house (live in a condo now). I'd deffinetely get a finacial advisor too and invest at least part of the money. I'd bury the rest of it in my backyard or hide it behind the drywall .
wahmof3 04:13 PM 03-30-2012
I did it

I went and got my tickets, why not lol
Breezy 04:28 PM 03-30-2012
Was just watching the news and someone bought 3,000 tickets!!!
SunshineMama 05:19 PM 03-30-2012
We got one
MizzCheryl 06:16 PM 03-30-2012
It's fun to dream about winning.
Sunchimes 06:32 PM 03-30-2012
I don't have to buy any. One of my DCDs bought a bunch and he said that when he won, none of us would have to worry about anything ever again. I'm going to hold him to that!!!
PixieFirefly 06:40 PM 03-30-2012
i had to get a ticket i would be happy with just a couple hundred thousand or million bucks i wont b greedy
MyAngels 06:59 PM 03-30-2012
Originally Posted by Michael:
Statistics show that over 60% end up broke after a couple years.
Yeah, but I bet it's one helluva couple of years!

I spoke too soon - DH spent $10 on tickets. Maybe I'll get my mega millions after all.
3myjob 07:37 PM 03-30-2012
My husband went in with some buddies at work to up their chances and all signed a paper saying they would split it evenly to avoid the fiasco on the news that was awhile back with the group of coworkers that didn't share. He even figured it up and said after taxes and splitting we would win 17 million dollars. I couldn't help but not laugh when he said this

I couldn't help but have a small day dream about winning that much money though. We would build a dream home. There are no childcare centers in our town either and my friend and I have dreamed of doing this one day.So I would make that a reality

Then again if I had that much money maybe I just wouldn't work
My3cents 10:51 AM 04-02-2012
we didn't win.......well $6, spent $10

not regular players but got caught up in the dream of the dream.

If sol winner, I would have bought a house on the ocean, or water, and paid it off, so that I could live free and clear the rest of my life. Would have not gone crazy but made my life comfortable for the rest of it and of course my loved ones. I would still work but hire someone.......tee hee and my daycare would be furnished with the best of the best inside and out. I would have a nice kitchen and living room area.....maybe my own in house theater and inside, outside pool. A gift wrapping room.......tee hee.... I don't know. Maybe my own helicopter to get me where I want to go dream......

I would do a lot of fundraising for charities in my free time.... visit a few places

What would everyone have done if they were the sol winner?
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