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dEHmom 11:18 AM 05-02-2012
I'm not even done this book, but I am considering purchasing a copy and allow parents to place a deposit and borrow it.

It's called "How to Negotiate with Kids...even when you think you shouldn't" by Scott Brown.

it shows different parenting styles, and how they can negatively affect your child. If you are too hard and snap easily, you aren't helping your child learn to manage stress and conflict. They will also just learn to hide things, and do them anyways cause they will be in trouble regardless.
If you are too soft on them and "allow them to be kids" you aren't helping either in the same ways as above.

It's a really interesting book. I highly recommend it.
WImom 11:36 AM 05-02-2012
Thank you! I just put it on hold at my library.
dEHmom 11:37 AM 05-02-2012
you are welcome. As i said I haven't gotten very far into it, but I'm already seeing it. Normally my 4 yr old would've had 10 tantrums today already, and he hasn't had a single one.

Partially because I've been focusing on my "mindfulness" and partially because I've been able to take the time to listen to what he has to say more than just say "not right now"
countrymom 07:18 AM 05-03-2012
thanks, will order it from the library too.
DaisyMamma 04:43 PM 05-03-2012
I am a reader as well and I will look for this. I was just recently looking for something like this!
MissAnn 04:15 AM 05-04-2012
Just ordered it from Amazon......for $3.47/used. Why is it $48 new?????
dEHmom 10:30 AM 05-04-2012
Originally Posted by MissAnn:
Just ordered it from Amazon......for $3.47/used. Why is it $48 new?????

not sure, my book says brand new US $ 14.00 CAN $ 21.00

you sure you got the right one??? lol
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