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Abigail 11:41 AM 05-06-2012
I just found this amazing baby einstein exersaucer for a good good deal! I just can't for the life of me figure out how to remove the cloth fabric seat to clean it! Does anyone have one? I know they've changed the model type over the years, but I'll attach a picture to show you which one I have.

I have another exersaucer, but it's plain jane from years ago and I keep that one outside because it's easier to clean and the seat on that just have elastic loops every 4 inches or so to pull and hook under the seat frame, but this new one just doesn't have the loops or seem to budge. I really want to clean it before I use it. The cling on toys don't seem to want to unhook to clean either, so any advice to get this cleaned up would be great!

Blackcat31 02:19 PM 05-06-2012
One site I found said that you have to put your feet on the bottom of the exersaucer and simply pull (hard) upwards to remove the seat. I dont know if that will work for the seat you have though.

Here is a PDF, manual I found for the exersaucer you have posted in the picture

maybe it will show you in the directions how to remove and clean the seat.
youretooloud 02:30 PM 05-06-2012
Mine has little tabs under the hole. (three) that you push on, and then you pull the ring out with the seat... pop the seat off of the ring then wash, and put it all back together.
Abigail 06:46 PM 05-07-2012
I was able to get it off, but couldn't remove the fabric from the actual ring. I washed it with the ring and it ended up ripping some but it's still functional. I still want a new one anyways so dang it!
Abigail 08:23 PM 08-18-2012
ha ha ha, this site must be at the top of search engines. I just googled my exersaucer and clicked on the first image I saw and it brought me to my own posting! I found a second one that looks brand new so I am looking for an image to attach to my listing to sell my original one. Just thought it was funny! Love this exersaucer and love that I "upgraded" to the same one.
Daycarelady1979 09:37 PM 08-18-2012
I have the same one & it was a bear to get the seat off...but I finally did it! I think only one of my toys come off & I'm not super pleased about that. The exersaucer I had before had a bunch of toys that popped off easily & could go in the dishwasher.
Abigail 02:38 PM 08-19-2012
I ended up washing the first one I got with the inner ring on it because it was almost rustic looking like someone did it before like that. Now the newer/better condition one I have I was able to unhook and wash how it is suppose to be washed. I love the baby toys on it too.
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