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Old 05-07-2012, 08:08 AM
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Default Feeling Bad Even Though I Know it Happens

PT DCG (almost 10mo) was here yesterday from 2pm-9pm. My DS is 15 months old and is ALL boy and plays very rough and doesn't understand "gentle hands" yet. He kind of gets it with my little itty bitty drop in boy and gives kisses and hugs, but with another child playing on the floor with toys with him he doesn't quite understand.

Obviously, I keep a close close watch on them and when they are on the floor together they have constant supervision from me and when I am needing to tend to other things they are separated.

Well, yesterday she was feeling kind of warm so while I changed her diaper I decided to take her temp and DS decided to come over with a toy for her and hand it to her. My hands were occupied with the thermometer so I couldn't react in time and he hit her just right under her eye and it started bleeding! Poor thing

My DH was home and rushed over and scooped up DS and brought him into a different room and said "Gentle hands, O!" But, of course he didn't really get it and got all upset thinking we were really mad.

I cleaned DCG up and tried to get her down for a nap since she was headed there anyhow. And then DS came to find me all upset until I reassured him everything is ok.

DCG wouldn't go to sleep, I am sure her tears stung her owie so I got her back up and waited a little bit to put her down and she just looked miserable! She was already miserable... had her shots the other day and isn't feeling 100% I don't think.

She finally did go down about 7pm and her mom came and got her around 930 since she had to get gas first

The eye looked a ton better when I went to get her for mom and I had already let her know about it right when it happened.

This morning around 5AM she texted and said they wouldn't be here until around 9:00 (scheduled at 7AM) because she had a really rough night. Hopefully that had nothing to do with her eye!

WOW, this is long but I have been feeling bad all morning and night!
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Old 05-07-2012, 11:13 AM
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Awwww!!! i know its really rough when stuff like this happens, But then again they still are just little kids. Hopefully the DCG is okay. And you hang in there. We all do the best we can. "Hugs"
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Old 05-07-2012, 12:01 PM
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Try not to beat yourself up about it. Things like that do just happen. You cannot stop every boo-boo even if you are sitting right there with them the whole time. Kids can be so unpredictalbe. As you saw, it takes one toss of a toy and someone can get hurt by accident. Most parents seem to understand, especially when it is something like that where your son is trying to share, not trying to hurt her. Your son is just a baby, too. Little guys his age just don't get "gentle" yet.
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