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frugalmama4 11:51 AM 05-08-2012
Good afternoon,

Quick question for anyone using mmk's are any other software.

What day of the week do you set up invoices? Mon or Fri?
I'm paid on Friday's for the upcoming week (most families pays a week at a time)

I'm having trouble keeping up with weekly invoices, wanna be sure I get paid from everyone.

sharlan 11:54 AM 05-08-2012
I do all invoices on Friday for the upcoming week. I have one that only comes 1 day a week, so that one, I invoice on that day.
MarinaVanessa 01:12 PM 05-08-2012
I create all of my invoices on Thursday night for the following week of childcare because my familes pay on Fridays. When I had them pay on Mondays then I creates the invoices on Friday night. I always kept the day the same though and did them all at the same time so that I wouldn't forget to do them or skip some invoices.
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