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Christina72684 02:40 PM 06-26-2012
Have you found some insurance companies better for Daycares than others? How much more is daycare insurance than regular homeowners insurance? We're thinking about switching and didn't know what to ask for or do.
Blackcat31 02:42 PM 06-26-2012
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originalkat 09:09 AM 06-27-2012
We use American Family. They offer a daycare rider on your homeowners insurance which is very affordable for up to 6 kids. Over that you have to get business liability insurance which runs me $500 per year for $1million coverage.
DaisyMamma 11:27 AM 06-27-2012
I have an insurance rider on my homeowners as well, but also have a 3m/1m policy with it cost $600-$700. Does anyone else use them?

I'm not sure if I need the rider anymore, but I never cancelled it. The rider only covered 3 kids at $100-$200/year and I'm not sure the value of the policy, maybe 1m.
I still need to get commercial coverage for my vehicle.
originalkat 12:38 PM 06-27-2012
I had to use the company that my insurance agency went through. But I did get to drop the rider on my homeowners policy. Also, they said I don't need a commercial vehicle insurance policy, but i did up my coverage.
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