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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>WOOHOO started new DCKs today!!
Countrygal 01:36 PM 08-15-2012
After two months of pretty much nothing, I am starting three new dck's today! Two are school aged and will be bsc and asc once school starts, and the third is the cutest toddler! Still have room for one full time day or part-time, but I'm happy for now! They are a great mix and a good number!

Please keep me in your prayers that all goes well, everyone settles in well, and there are no issues with payment or anything else, for that matter!

Today has been a joy. They fit in very well with the two already here, and they've already "paired up". Seems like everyone's made some new friends today!
Blackcat31 01:37 PM 08-15-2012
wahmof3 02:00 PM 08-15-2012
I started a new 2 yo on Monday and a new 19 month old this Friday. I am so excited!!!!!

So far the 2 yo has been great!!! His family is well: WONDERFUL!! I got lucky with this one

I am just excited because I had 3 openings to fill as well.

Congrats to you
Thetotspot 02:13 PM 08-15-2012
Congrats to you both! I had 7 new kids start on monday, 2 ft 5 pt. I'm of course I had a lot of space to fill!
Nickel 02:26 PM 08-15-2012
Congrats Hope all goes well!

My very first dcg starts tomorrow!!! Here's hoping dcm or dcd doesn't have a change of heart, and I wake up on time! lol. The summer has been so nice with late wake ups!
Countrygal 03:44 PM 08-15-2012
Congratulations to all of us!!!
DayCareDynasty 06:33 PM 08-15-2012
Congrats Everyone!

DaisyMamma 04:02 AM 08-16-2012
Heidi 06:38 AM 08-16-2012
I was going to call you for an update! Yeah!!!!
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