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Daycare Insurance>Anyone Use Thomco For DC Insurance?
crazydaycarelady 08:13 AM 08-21-2012
I am up for renewal in Oct but I just got a letter saying they aren't going to be offering dc insurance anymore, but will give me a quote for another company. Crimeny! I already pay over $400 and can't afford to pay more.

Has anyone else dealt with this yet and was the new company comparable?
Blackcat31 09:17 AM 08-21-2012
I have never heard of Thomco before. I use Adults and Childrens Alliance.

I pay $392 per year for their largest policy which is group family care and $1,000,000/$2,000,000 coverage amounts.

TomCopeland 09:33 AM 08-21-2012
Here's an insurance directory for family child care providers I posted on my blog:
crazydaycarelady 06:05 AM 08-22-2012
Thank you for the list! I will check them out!
THOMCO 09:34 AM 08-23-2012
THOMCO was recently aquired by Markel, who is a carrier. They are in the process of changing all child care policies from QBE paper to Markel paper. Because of this change, they are required to send out non-renewal notices to current customers. They do include details about getting a quote on new paper so all of their customers understand they are still their source for insurance. With this aquisition, they are now the carrier and are able to provide their customers with top notch insurance backed by the financial security of Markel's "A" rating from A.M. Best.
crazydaycarelady 10:26 AM 08-27-2012
Oh okay, thank you for the info.
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