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thatdivalady 07:33 PM 10-03-2012
I was just informed by my inspector that I can actually begin the preschool at our commercial building as long as it is not a full day. It's a large building so we can probably take 20 children at one time (if we were so fortunate as to get that many!). I will need to do the standard 2 1/2 hours per day per group. So I was wondering if other preschool providers could share their:

1. Area (you can be general or specific depending on how comfortable you are)
2. Days of the week per group
3. Rates
4. Curriculum preference (own individual, Mother Goose, etc.)
5. Daily schedule

And any additional tips. Thanks so much!
blandino 07:54 PM 10-03-2012
I am a daycare provider in a large home daycare, responsible for the preschool program from 2-3 year olds. So my answers may be a little off from what you are looking for.

* Tulsa, OK area.
* We operate full-time, 5 days a week, 55 hours a week. However, Preschool is from 9 - 12.
*$140.00 a week (once again, for full-time childcare)
* I use my own curriculum. I have considered buying, but have always been happy with how things work. So if it isn't broke....
*I built our schedule around our necessities (breakfast, lunch, potty breaks, nap) since we are a full day program. I made music and outdoor time early in the day to get excess energy out before we sit down and need to focus.

The schedule of our days:

7:00 arrival & free play

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 outdoor play

9:00 music

9:20 story time/ circle time
they look at books independently after I finish reading

10:40 art

10:15 Potty break/diaper change

10:30 Lessons

11:00 Structured play

11:30 Educational video (Preschool Prep or Barney) while I cook lunch.

12:00 Lunch

12:40 Potty Break

1:/1:30 Nap

3:00/3:30 Wake up

3:45 Snack

4:00 + free play until we close

**Recently I have designated each day of the week to a specific area of academic development for our lessons. Monday is handwriting - Tuesday is sign language - Wednesday is colors, shapes - Thursday is math/counting - Friday is letter recognition and sounds. This has made me feel like I am really covering everything.

Also, we have a monthly theme that coincides with each part of our day .
Blackcat31 07:37 AM 10-04-2012
We have several preschools in our community that are small groups and short or partial days;

1. Area: Most of them are in churches and are in one community room no larger than a regular school classroom.
2. Days of the week per group: Options are either afternoons (12:30-3:00) or mornings (8:30-11:00) and offered M,W,F for 4-5 yr olds and T, Th for the 2-3 yr olds
3. Rates: Rates are anywhere from $65 per week for the T, Th group to $80 per week for the M,W,F group
4. Curriculum preference: Most of them use a religion based curriculum. I know one uses a boxed curriculum and the others as far as I know make their own.
5. Daily schedule: The few I am really familiar with have arrival time, story or Bible verse time, snack, art/craft time and then an outdoor or large motor activity until pick up time.

Michael 03:26 PM 10-04-2012
Maybe a thread that will help:
EntropyControlSpecialist 03:31 PM 10-04-2012
1. Area (you can be general or specific depending on how comfortable you are)

2. Days of the week per group
I offer part-time and full-time (for those that need to use it for daycare). Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday

3. Rates
Monday, Wednesday, Friday $100/week
Tuesday, Thursday $65/week
Monday-Friday $145/week

4. Curriculum preference (own individual, Mother Goose, etc.)
I combined some of Sonlight P4/5, Sing, Spell, Read, & Write, and my own.
I have them in boxes by theme and take bits and pieces from Sonlight to put in it along with Sing, Spell, Read, & Write. I then supplement with various homeschool resources. We are a Christian Preschool, so everything we do comes from a Christian perspective.

5. Daily schedule
We do have Early Day Care (7:00-8:00 AM on an as needed basis) and Extended Day Care (5:00-6:00 PM, and the parents pay $1.50 per 15 minutes used each day).

8:00-8:20 Arrival and Breakfast
8:20-8:35 Math with Manipulatives
8:35-9:25 Recess
9:25-9:40 Kindergarten Readiness Activity/Writing Development
9:40-10:35 Centers and Art
10:35-10:55 Morning Meeting: Circle Time
10:55-11:00 Prayer
11:00-11:30 Lunch
11:30-12:00 Naptime Preparation and Story Time
12:00-2:00 Rest Time
2:00-2:20 Snack
2:30-2:50 Afternoon Meeting: Circle Time and Bible Study
2:50-3:20 Recess
3:20-4:25 Centers
4:25-4:45 Tabletop Play
4:45-4:50 Clean Up and Pack Up
4:50-5:00 Story Time and Pick Up

This schedule has been revised about 5 times. I am pretty happy with how it is set up now. The outdoor time was lengthened due to studies I read about how stress is reduced in children who spend more time outdoors. The art was combined with Center Time so that children could come in small groups to do it with me present. It's hard to supervise 10-12 children doing an art activity that uses paint, scissors, etc. Snack time is 20 minutes to ensure that we have time to open all of the blinds and put away the cots. Diaper/Pull-Up changes are done every even hour (10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00) and my potty trained kids are reminded at that time. Sometimes, I will remind them a little sooner just to make sure.
kendallina 03:47 PM 10-04-2012
I run an in-home preschool only (no before or after child care).

I can have up to 6 children, I like having either 5-6.

TTH group 9am-2pm ($200/month)
MWF group 9am-2pm ($280/month)

I develop my own curriculum based on the children in my group, what they are interested in and their skills and areas needed to develop.

Here's my schedule:

9:00-9:20 Morning Meeting

9:20-10:00 Outside

10:00-10:30 Snack

10:30-11:00 Small Group (art or activity related to theme or skill-based activity)

11:00-12:15 Free Play

12:15-12:30 Circle/Music

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-1:30 Small Group (art or activity related to theme or skill-based activity)

1:30-2:00 Games and Storytime

Hope that helps!
thatdivalady 06:11 AM 10-31-2012
Thanks so much for all of the helpful info!
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