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Parents and Guardians Forum>Is it good to put your child in a daycare when he/she is attach to you.
Unregistered 05:29 AM 08-22-2008
how to be safe and know that if your child cries alot the people that is watching them wont be mean and mistreat them.
Unregistered 12:58 PM 08-23-2008
I am a in home daycare provider for over 19 years. I suggest to you to interview the provider that will keeping your child, ask lots of questions and then get references and call them and ask them about the provider services..If your child is attached to you he/she will cry for the first week or two until they get adjusted to being away from you. Depending on the age of the child I would first start out leaving he/she for a hour with the provider and then see how it goes. Your child will let you know if she/he is comfortable or being treated nicely by the provider by the way he/she response to her when you drop them off and pick them up... but I suggest you first give it some time for them to get adjust to each other. Good luck!!
Unregistered 03:35 PM 08-23-2008
Do your homework. By homework I mean references, background check, talk to other parents etc. Find out everything about the provider that you have chosen. I myself have a open door policy, which means my parents are free to drop in at anytime to drop off, pick up or just visit if they want. I run my own family care center in my home and i try to make all my parents and children feel at home and welcome in my home. They have access to all areas that there children do and the only area off limits is my bedroom(hubby has to have somewhere to go). Also take note on how many children are in there care. I will only keep 6 children from 6 weeks to 5 years. Make sure that you get a contract and insist that you read it over with the provider just so there is no questions and everything is clear cut. In the contract look for there discipline policy, pay rate, hoildays and vacation. All of that should be in the contract. The contract not only protects the provider but you and your children also. And hey if it doesn't feel right to you then look else where until you find the right person. Children are going to cry in daycare, they cry at home right. And a good provider knows how to calm her children and make them feel safe. Good luck and I'm sure you will find the right provider.
pingaa3 05:26 PM 08-27-2008
Most all little children cry for the first week, if not first two weeks. By the end of the second week is should only last a minute and then the provider should know a routine to help the child adjust. Also some sort of comfort item helps a lot, whether its a binky a blanket or a stuffy.
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