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Book Club - Reviews / Suggestions>The Wedding - By Nicholas Sparks
dave4him 03:02 PM 10-12-2012
Currently reading this book. My wife just got done with it and said it was the best book she has read in a long time. And she reads a lot. Its a good book for couples who have been married for a while. Its a second book after the Notebook only in that the characters are the children of Noah and Ali. Great book, you will love it!
Heidi 03:06 PM 10-12-2012
read it a few years ago...liked it inspite of the sappiness.

No, seriously, I LIKE sappy. I'm just a little jaded now because I have NEVER met a man that would go to those lengths to make his wife happy. Really, I know some good men, but not THAT good...
dave4him 03:06 PM 10-12-2012
In a lot of ways it reminds me of my wife and myself.
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