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EchoMom 02:42 PM 10-22-2012
Well, I was almost the home daycare of choice for the Obama girls.

Well, at least that was my dream... LOL!!! Last night I had a LONG dream that went on and on and on all about Barrak and Michelle Obama interviewing with me to send Sasha and Malia to me for home daycare! That's right, in my dream I was in the white house with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and the FIRST LADY talking about my contract! ROFL!

I was even thinking in the dream, why don't they just get a nanny? Their girls are a little old for my group... ROFL!

In the end, they decided that he would only pay me zero dollars and no one could know that they were slumming it by sending their girls to home daycare, and since I would not take zero payment, he decided to allocate the money to building himself a tennis court.

Seriously? Weirdest dream ever and shows just how much daycare has taken over my life! Oh, and I am not an Obama fan, so even weirder!
Michael 02:45 PM 10-22-2012
I'm tagging this thread under "politics vs childcare needs" and "funny".
Oneluckymom 05:05 PM 10-22-2012
OMG...that is hilarious!! Love it!
SunnyDay 07:22 PM 10-22-2012
So funny!
Kaddidle Care 04:53 AM 10-23-2012
Oh my! I think you've been watching too many debates!

I personally can't wait until the Election is over. Everything is so saturated in politics right now - even your dreams!
EchoMom 06:28 AM 10-23-2012
Haha, I haven't even watched any debates! It's all those stinkin' slander campaign commercials!
mysonsmom1 05:33 AM 10-24-2012
What a dream.. ROFL
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