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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>New Provider--Advertising ideas????
Patches 10:50 AM 12-16-2012
I just opened a home daycare a few weeks ago and I am having trouble getting clients. I have had a few people call, but none of them worked out.
Here's what I've done so far:
Facebook page
Craigslist ad
Ads on other various websites
Flyers posted around town
Postcards mailed out

Anybody have any other ideas that have worked for them? Also did anyone have trouble getting clients to give them a chance when they were first starting out?
coolconfidentme 11:28 AM 12-16-2012
When I started out I took business cards to the local community college, head Start, doctors offices, social services & unemployment office. I also offered a finders fee to people, if they referred a client & they are there after the 2 week probation period, I gave them $50. The person needs to name who refereed them on the application.

I keep business cards with me at all times, you never know if the lady you are talking to in Target needs childcare...
Michael 01:01 PM 12-16-2012
We had an article written by one of our longtime members about advertising your daycare here:
MamaG 02:33 PM 12-16-2012
Best way is word of mouth! Tell everyone, cashier at the store, receptionist at dr.s office, waitress! I make up cute flyers and leave them at the children's museum, library, local schools, and anywhere else that'll let me. It does take time tho. It took my 3 months to get full.
allsmiles 09:57 AM 12-17-2012
stay encouraged.. seems like you've hit alot of good marketing stategies.. I started actively seeking kids in July but didnt get my first client until september.. then in october it was like a waterfall of clients..
keep a positive, upbeat attitude and i know it will work out for you.. seems everybody is focusing on gifts right now..i havent been able to fill a spot after terminating a child in november.. maybe its just slow during holidays??
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