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Sprouts 06:52 PM 02-19-2013
So this one child I watch, 22months old, her parents are having a very hard time putting her for nap. All the toddler kids here nap at 12...older kids nap at 1. the parents tell me On the weekends she will nap around 1-2 , sometimes not at all or maybe even 4pm....which in turn usually makes for a harder Monday and Tuesday. Dad tells me they usually lay down with her, or he will even drive around to put her to sleep. Mom tells me she tries for an hour but dad usually folds and starts playing with her.
For me, I keep having to go into the room and put her on her stomach, rub her back, and after a few times she will fall asleep...she knows i mean business lol so any suggestions I can give to parents ? Or should I not even get involved?
MissAnn 07:10 PM 02-19-2013
Exactly what you said, you have to mean it. It's nap time and this is what we do. Dad is making it worse. If dad plays, the kid will stay awake knowing dad will let in. I tell parents to watch Super Nanny. No nonsense!
Willow 07:21 PM 02-19-2013
I think they need to consider the whole picture here, not just the one piece they're hoping to keep consistent throughout the weekend - do they get her up at the same time on the weekends as they do during the week? Are meal times at the same time? Is her activity level the same?

Reason I ask is a kiddo who is allowed to sleep in, who is eating later and sugar laden meals and snacks as opposed to healthier choices, who isn't doing nearly as much activity wise is never going to want or be able to nap for a solid hour or two in the afternoon at their regular time kwim?

That's always been the trouble spots when parents ask me what could be up.
Sprouts 07:29 PM 02-19-2013
well they say she sleeps like a log once she is asleep, like 2/3 hours...its just getting her to nap that is the problem. She will climb out of her crib constantly, cry and cry bc she knows they will come....
cheerfuldom 07:37 PM 02-19-2013
well this is pretty common.....that kiddo does just fine at daycare and is a tiny terror at home. i do share my daily schedule and my naptime routine with parents and that can help but ultimately its up to them to stay consistent. with an almost 2 year old, I would put them down for nap and no way would i let them get up. even if they cried the whole nap, i just let them (but they never do that here). sounds pretty obvious what the issue at home is and its nothing you can fix.
Sprouts 08:35 PM 02-19-2013
well she can be interesting here too...sometimes she will stay up , try to climb out, undress (fixed that witht the backward footsie pjs), sing...until finally falling asleep. I contemplated pushing her nap forward until 1 but then that will just throw all of the naps off bc she might not even fall alseep until later when everyone is waking up. :/ so i lay her down first so she will fall asleep first and not bother the next kid coming in for a nap....i am still getting the hang of all this lol
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