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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>THIS Is Why I Don't Watch/Read The News Anymore!
daycarediva 11:20 AM 03-04-2013

This poor little boy! My heart aches for his family!
3amazingkiddos 12:06 PM 03-04-2013
rmc20021 12:11 PM 03-04-2013
THAT is awful...if it's not to be labelled bullying, what WOULD they call it? Outright murder?
MissK 12:11 PM 03-04-2013
I always put the news on in the morning while I'm getting myself/my own children ready and at least a couple times a week there is something that makes me regret ever watching the news One that totally killed me was a 2 year old little boy that wandered outside during our nasty snow and -50 windchill spell..they found him, but it was too late. My son is 2 and is just hit home so hard I seriously had to fight back tears!
JenNJ 01:58 PM 03-04-2013
This school is 40 minutes from my home. It has really shocked our area. Its so very sad and PREVENTABLE. It infuriates me that those jerks are back in school while the victim was hospitalized and now being prepared for burial.
Bookworm 02:26 PM 03-04-2013
I always wonder why the authorities try to gloss over the suicides from bullying. I know this young man was taken off life support but I would include him as well. Are they doing this to protect the bullies in order to rehabilitate them or to protect themselves from the guilt of knowing this is going on and not doing anything about it. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say because I'm PO'd and sick of reading stories like this.
jenn 03:43 PM 03-04-2013
That is heartbreaking.
Scout 07:32 AM 03-05-2013
OMG! This is truly heartbreaking! This could be any of our kids, on either side of this. How awful for all the families involved.
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