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Unregistered 09:14 PM 06-12-2013
can we delete our acct/profile on this site?.. and if so..howwww??
Michael 10:06 PM 06-12-2013
Cannot delete it but we can change the username or remove the email address.
Familycare71 04:51 AM 06-13-2013
How do I change my user name?? Thanks!!
Unregistered 11:52 AM 06-13-2013
oh!.. i also want to know how to change the user name !
Blackcat31 11:54 AM 06-13-2013
PM me what you would like your new user name to be and I will change it for you.

Send me a few different variations as user names cannot be the same as another's.

Your old posts that have been quoted will show your old user name but old post and as well as new ones (both quoted and posted) will reflect your new user name.
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