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AmyKidsCo 01:23 PM 06-24-2013
I'm taking a class through our local Tech college and one of the handouts on environments has 3 sample classrooms - 600, 710 and 1,040 square feet.

The entire first floor of my home is 943 square feet - just measuring the entire "footprint" of the foundation; not taking off for walls, appliances, closets, etc.

I can't imagine a classroom bigger than the first floor of my house!!
Heidi 01:59 PM 06-24-2013
Once upon a time, I had 800 square feet just for daycare. It was cool.

Now, I'm like you. I do have a playroom, but it's 120 square feet. The rest is space shared with my family.
nanglgrl 02:09 PM 06-24-2013
I use the entire basement so it's over 700 sq. feet. The blueprints say over 900 bit some of that's storage. There's never enough space! The only thing I want to add is a light table but I want a single person one maybe 16x16 inches so I will probably have to make it myself.
daycarediva 02:17 PM 06-24-2013
I have 300sf dedicated to daycare, It's a HUGE chunk of my first floor. (entire great room, and the L corner into the entry. I WISH I had double my space, that would be AMAZING!

I have never even SEEN a 1000+ sf classroom.
Cradle2crayons 02:57 PM 06-24-2013
Wow that's huge for sure. My dedicated room that the kids sleep in and do a few centers etc is 300 sq. ft. It's the smallest of my five bedrooms and it didn't have a kid of mine in it lol. The walk in closet in that room alone is nearly 100 sq. ft making that room alone 400 sq. feet but it looks smaller than all that to me.

Our shared living room is 16x20. And they have a nice bathroom they are with my kids with double vanities.

Our house is 2500 sq. feet but my master is huge and is off limits to all except I out my special needs baby in there to sleep separate because its in the opposite side of the house and the others won't wake her during bedtime routines.
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