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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>5 Yr Old Not Potty Trained.....At All
Lefse&Kids 01:41 PM 06-24-2013
I have been working with a 5 yr old dcb for about 6 months now. There has been no progress. In fact, it has gotten worse. He used to tell me when he peed, but now he won't tell me at all and he will lie about it, when asked.

I am sooo frustrated, I feel very bad for him. He was born with hip displacia (spelling off I know), crossed eyes, and he has a hard time explaining his emotions and from my experience has a very hard time answering open-ended questions...

He won't share toys and will bite if someone takes his toys and won't give it back. If he is in a bad mood and gets mad, he will chase the other kid around he's mad at until he gets him cornered and bites/hits/scratches him. (tends to happen only when I need to leave the room for a moment).

He actually is sweet most the time. But I have a feeling something may be a little off with him and I feel bad because all the doctors are asking the parents get him tested for things but they won't. Parents complain to me about the doctor's insistence.

I understand developmental delays but I can't make sense of this. The parents say he's "just stubborn". Maybe so, but it just seems weird to me.
Heidi 01:54 PM 06-24-2013
It sounds like he does have developmental delays, and his parents are in denial.

Why is it that they'd rather label their own child "lazy" than find out what's really going on and help him?

It's really up to you how to handle it. I assume he's going to kindy in the fall, and then it'll be the school's problem. For now, all you can do is encourage, love, and support.
MarinaVanessa 05:26 PM 06-24-2013
My nephew has speech delays and i've been telling my SIL for years that he needs to get checked out but even now he is still struggling and people that aren't around him often can't understand him and he will be 5 in October. Two years ago I had to teach him simple signs so that he could tell me what he wanted and needed because we were having a hard time potty training him too among other things. It helped a lot.

Recently I saw these boards at Lakeshore Learning (4 boards for $50) that are electronic called Language Acquisition Talking Boards and they are meant for children that are ESL and/or have speech delays. The boards have pictures that the child presses to show what he/she needs. I wish they had these two years ago, I think it would have helped out a lot. I'm still hoping to order them because my nephew still struggles and I can always use them with my older infants and toddlers. You might want to check them out, maybe it can help you if he doesn't verbally want to tell you ... he can just press the button to show you that he needs to go potty. I don't know how severe his delay is or if he may have other delays as well but I thought I'd share, maybe it can help?

Lefse&Kids 07:02 PM 06-24-2013
thanks so much...I will check that out. He is a sweet boy, I have tried many methods to see what will succeed with him.

If I knew where his mind was coming from I could help him a little better, but sadly I don't know where he stands. It's almost like a trial and error trying to help him.
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