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madwilp3 07:59 AM 09-09-2013
I'm about 40 pages into this book after a family member recommended it to me, and I LOVE IT! If you like a snarky tone you will like reading this. I won't spoil the plot but it has to do with spies. I will follow up as I continue reading!

Anyone else read this one? I think it's more popular than I first thought.
Blackcat31 08:08 AM 09-09-2013
Harriet the Spy was a book/movie that was SUPER popular when my DD was young.

I can't tell you how many times we watched the's really cute! I think it came out in 1996.

No idea when the book was written.

Brooksie 08:36 AM 09-09-2013
I loved that book when I was little! I was an early and avid reader. I have my moms original copy from when SHE was young. I also was tickled to death when the movie came out and watched it all the time. Oh those were the good days.
Unregistered 10:55 AM 09-09-2013
This is my all time favorite book of my lifetime and so is the second one. I read it for the first time in the 5th/6th grade which was 36 years ago. I still will read it just for the memories. I took a class a couple months ago and was asked my favorite book/movie and let them know it was "Harriet the Spy".

I even started a spy journal (which I still have packed away) after reading the book and because of Harriet I started signing my middle initial and still do to this day. Just a few weeks ago I took my kids by the house I lived in when I was that age and showed them my "spy" area on the neighbors. My kiddos thought that was hilarious.

When the movie came out I was so excited and my children were introduced to "Harriet the Spy" and will be one of the few movies I will keep that is on VHS until I can find a DVD.

Harriet and I have alot of found memories!
madwilp3 07:46 AM 09-10-2013
Ahh I remember this! Completely forgot about the connection to the show!!!
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